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Purchase children's toys and games from The Works. Children's toys and games | Buy children's toys and games from The Works. At The Works we have a brillant choice of children's toys, ideal for indoors and out. Toys from The Works are a great choice of children's toys, ideal for little sluts. Select from Moshi toys, teddy bears, and more.

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Click, make & have fun - a flatpack football that will fit in your bag! Look up to 25' into the darkness with these nightglasses with LEDs! Make 10 remote-controlled automobiles from hot rod to super car, 260 series. Stretching, twisting, tearing and impacting - shines in the darkness with ultraviolet rays.

Strain, turn and rip it, even impact it and see how the colour changes. Hour-long scribbling and imaginative enjoyment for children on the run. Funny, sticky, bright in the deep mucus in 3 cold colours. Building, igniting and destroying warehouses - have a lot of fun! Suspended, balanced play that needs calm palms - have a good time.

Create awesome stop animations using the application and LEGO's! Construct your Spielpalast, then lay a blanket over it - immediate fortress! Fantastic, quick, fun filled familiy memories games. One 16 " dart board and 6 magnet arrows - playing begins! This is a muddy balloon that splashes and adheres to any kind of surfaces!

More than 100 multi-level challenging games from light to challenging - great action. This is the ultimate improvisation pack, now also available in a simple children's version! Construct and fly five light -weight umbrellas. It' a mini-ball that actually jumps on the surface of the ocean - a lot of Fun. Feuertennisball up to 50' - watch your dogs run, no battery needed!

Miniball with a mad, unforeseeable spins - jump out of this game! Humane Body Cube Books - Smart! Building and painting a birdhouse - no effort! Elevate your model airplanes with this simple set! Featuring a new activities guide with smart tips to get rid of silliness!

3 lively, colourful, muddy sets of jumpers - simple to use. Turn up your marker with this gameplay player. Create a water garden in your garden. Tastiest, most fluffy target practice ever, now in small format. Car parking - multi-level logical puzzles from simple to competent. Construct four different solar-powered robot with movable parts.

This is a funny adventurous puzzle for young programmers. Darts Ball - Aim, fire, shoot, hit! You' re not going to fall for the Black Side if you sleep it off. Smart interior/exterior styling. Make a vulcanized belt driven automobile, airplane, boat od chopper. Fantastic spatula for glowing in the dark completely with ultraviolet ink for writing news.

You can use this great high-tech binocular to see in the darkness! Filled with intrigues, this smart eliminator is still so much enjoyable! Sketch the Glow-in-the-Dark screen with ultraviolet lights - get up! Funny wordplay in scrapbble style - you are sure to go crazy! Capture and watch beetles in this small children's adventure park, equipped with a chute!

Amazing skills puzzler in which bullets hop into the classy wood crates. Simple to use, 54x enlargement on your computer, makes pictures and video. Simple to learn, enjoy the brains - over 100 trial and error level! Stretch, rotate, bang and crack, even let it impact - great for dinosaur enthusiasts! Create your own spatula colours - let them twinkle or shine in the darkness!

With 80 Lumen this torch is extremely efficient in all 3 modi! You can use the coloured buttons and the supplied instruction to teach yourself how to game! Become a true mole and discover the truths about an unresolved homicide! A great one-person game - ideal for young street-trippers. Make a 13-inch version with 60 high-density foams - pure enjoyment!

It' simple to pick up, but difficult to control. Featuring great espionage, you' ll need to tackle 60 navigational challenge and guide your goals using laser! Create and bring light into the fearsome beings! Passport the Pen - The fastest drawing game in the world! Create tens of scale model cars using the power of the solar. Superb watch, wrist-mounted walkie-talkies - concealed microphone and earphones.

Complete 60 different skill solving challenges with this gliding jigsaw solver. Funny, simple to assemble 106 piece kit - all types of bugs. Snapping, click, construct & racing two fast-back wagons with retract engines.

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