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See and buy the Ella's Kitchen range of organic baby food and drinks to make your baby's diet healthier. Buy a seca baby scale in the online shop and make a noticeable difference in your daily work in the hospital, doctor's practice, midwife practice or other medical facilities. Babies on board - Transport to London Underground travel can be difficult for expectant mothers, but a baby on board badge makes it simpler by making other travelers know that you have a very good need for a place to sit. You can find information about traveling during pregnancy or with a pram on our page about expectant mothers and stroller drivers.

Badge baby on board can be supplied to any location in Greater London and South East England. You can order a badge using the online order below or by calling 0343 222 1234 at our customer service. Babies on board Badges are supplied in simple covers. You can inform your nearest and dearest of our special deals and promotional activities to inform your nearest and dearest of our subsidiary companies and companies about our special deals and promotional activities. Please check here if you wish to receive this information.

We, and our affiliates and partners, use your personally identifiable information to administer your Baby On Board Badge order, provide travel-related information and conduct research. In accordance with the provisions of the German Federal Act on Information Technology, Freedom and Security, your person-related information will be duly protected and used.

For more information on how we treat your information, please visit our pages on our website on Confidentiality and Cookie.

Organic Baby Shampoo Organic Hair & Body Wash (200ml)

Ireland, Highlands & Channel Islands standard delivery // £9.95 or free on orders of £100. Delivered internationally // Varies by area. For more information, see Delivery & Return. Returned goods received // For more information, see Delivery & Return. We do not process orders over the weekends or on public holiday.

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Buy a baby balance from the online shop and make a perceptible difference in your daily work in the clinic, doctor's surgery, midwife surgery or other health care facilities. Our balances have been known for more than 175 years for their high-precision function and advanced engineering that meets your hands-on needs.

This is also true for our baby balances, which we design precisely, functionally and comfortably in your healthcare environment. Especially physicians, nursing staff, middlewives and pediatric caregivers place high standards on baby balances. Further features required of a baby balance from seca are skin-friendly material and smart functionality.

Optimize your daily routine with 360° radio frequency transceiver enabling you to transmit measured values wirelessly to a computer or laptop or wireless device from seconds. You are looking for the baby scales seca 385, which can also be converted to a child scales, or the baby scales seca 336, our portable baby scales or the baby scales seca 376, our baby scales with cable-free transfer?

Baby scales cSA 385 are fitted with the convenient mother's formula collection feature, which complements the basic baby formula collection procedure by accurately counting the amount of baby formula the baby has used. To meet specific requirements in nomadic use, we suggest the use of the Seca 385 for the midwife. Low baby scales are ideal for use in the fields.

When you do not want to rely on an electronical balance, we also provide mechanic balances that can be used in your surgery or other health care institutions. Our service area allows you to have your high-precision baby balance service and maintenance carried out easily and comfortably by the global leading company, Seca.

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