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Presents | Age 6 | Buy toys for 6-year-old boy Chain of Candles & 25 funny Soundeffects - UFO, motorcycle, even a lid! Construct your Spielpalast, then lay a blanket over it - immediate fortress! Simple fangball that hovers and jumps on the surface of the sea - sparkling entertainment! More than 100 multi-level challenging games from light to challenging - great action.

This is the ultimate improvisation pack, now also available in a simple children's version! Paint ing, draw, puzzle, play & sticker - Dino-Tastic SpaƟ! Easily performed tips for younger mages. Building and painting a birdhouse - no effort! 3 lively, colourful, muddy sets of jumpers - simple to use. Create a water park in your garden.

The 5 " Entenruf simulates the sounds of a poultry playing canard! Imaginative coloured wood kit with 91 parts - great marmor fun! Tastiest, most fluffy target practice ever, now in small format. Fantastic quick fire - fires smooth bubbles up to 20ft high. Car parking - multi-level logical puzzles from simple to competent.

Benefit from additional slimming powers with 6 packs of slim beads. Make your bicycle look and feel like a motorcycle - very nice. Chain of Candles & 25 funny Soundeffects - UFO, motorcycle, even a lid! Set up 21 different experimental stations and find out how machinery makes work easy. Recording voice, audio or other sounds and using them as a summer joke.

Create an adaptable crash console and master various challenging tasks. Actively working site with clear interior playing sands. Simple assembly with large, colourful parts, ideal for small crafts. Filled with intrigues, this smart eliminator is still so much enjoyable! Unravel this 130-piece jigsaw quest to uncover all 50 states and facts!

Fire smiley confronted, glowing crimson, bubbles of expanded plastic up to 50'- a true knock. More than 70 parts and 40 rugged riding style quests. Amazing skills puzzler in which bullets hop into the classy wood crates. Experience how your physique works by exploring your five different states. Simple to use, 54x enlargement on your computer, makes pictures and video.

Excellent magneto missile that can be disassembled and reassembled over and over again! Enjoy genuine local sand beaches tunes with a local wood finish. Packed with funny activity, riddles, games, sticker and templates. Make 4 crazy Monster with a robust Schaumstoffset - a lot of monstrous pleasure! Amusing robotic action - ideal for home or intragalactic outings.

You can use the coloured buttons and the supplied instruction to teach yourself how to gamble! A great one-person match - ideal for young street-trippers. Merry memories match - make an egg shipping with pinguins! Create six breathtaking 3-D games using a high-density foamset. Make a 13-inch version with 60 high-density foams - pure enjoyment!

Plays, riddles, activities, drawings - 80 pages of chaos! Create 3-D moon cars with magnetised geometrical forms. Complete 3 level code-breaking gameplay with jungles of animals! Funny, fanciful fairytale story - ideal for the whole familiy! Don't get confused with perfect - let this classic pretzel fiddle match make you feel like you're in for a treat!

Katamino's latest news - with more activity, play and level! Built six stunning dinosaur-in-the-dark glow in the darkness with moveable parts. Unravel 3 brain-bending riddles to break the safety deposit box! Learning to programme and programme the Robotic Mouse to find the cheeses. Don't let the Yeti drop in the bucket - a great play at your leisure!

Thrilling marine strategie in an easily transportable bag. Create your own model from parts you melt with your own bottled soap. 8 sophisticated dino-tastic designs, among them froth dinosaur feets to put on! Funny, simple to assemble 106 piece kit - all types of bugs. Truly loved funny play where small wood urchins are stacked.

Assembly and disassembly of a mobile hoist - including safety helmet and tool. With 100% untreated 100% pure nature you can make anything you can think of!

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