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Used baby clothes online kaufen

Good news is that many other babies have outgrown their clothes, so thrifty parents are always interested in selling (or giving) to another mother. Much of your money could be made by selling your old clothes online. At the top of our list is Depop, your go-to app for selling (and buying) used clothing.

Buy & Sell secondhand clothing in Spain

In Spain, the economic downturn has opened up new possibilities for the purchase and sale of high-quality used children's and adult clothes, shoes and ancillaries. The website purchases and markets children's clothes, with items that are around 70% less expensive than shops. Each garment purchased from the store will be inspected before it appears on the site and the estimated retail value will be displayed next to Percentil's retail value so you can see the savings when you buy.

If you order articles, they will be shipped in 1-3 workingdays, but only to the Spanish continent. When you see an article on your website with the inscription "con etiqueta", it means that the initial tag is still printed on it, i.e. clothes that have not been used. To ensure that you are informed about the latest articles on offer, it is a good idea to subscribe to the newletter.

When you want to resell your children's used clothes, first use the following checklist: There are no underclothes, no pajamas, no bathing costumes or homemade objects. Do not remove or personalise any objects with the inside sticker (e.g. with names). Articles cannot be personalized outside (e.g. stitched names) or inside (on the label). Apparel from the last four season only will be acceptable for purchase.

They must order a Percentil case, put in the clothes (at least 10 items) and they will ensure that they are collected free of charge from home. Your business will then evaluate the item and bill you; you can assume that you will get about 20%-40% of the selling amount displayed online under Percentil.

If you do not approve of the evaluation of the clothes or for any other reasons wish to return some of the articles, an administration fee of 6? will be charged. All second-hand clothes that cannot be bought will be given to the charitable organization Cáritas. At any time you can visit the most important sites in Spain: Segundamano or Mil Anuncios for used clothes.

However, keep in mind that when you buy from personal vendors on these sites, you have no guarantee of the product or service they sell.

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