Car Seat and Stroller Set

Seat and stroller set

All In One Sets accompany your child from birth to infancy. Mounting/removing adapters for car seats on the tandem adapters. Although we are of the opinion that the information contained in this manual is correct and reliable. Discover the fantastic range of Joies car seats, prams, high chairs, travel beds and much more. Little Angels strollers offer free next day shipping on all Doona car seat strollers.

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Absolutely fashionable pram set that is sure to be a delight. The stroller will fit even the smallest car. Gentle and supple, cosy materials, an especially supple, relaxed seat, comfortable tyres for an incredible driving experience and of course something for the eyes. We' ve thought of everything with this pram set.

Carrying bag, Isofix-compatible car seat and convertable sport seat, inclusive legrest, are flexible from the moment of delivery and complete each other very well. Mum and pop will be happy that the tops can easily be attached to the ultra-light aluminium cradle. It is very comfortable to drive with its plattfest comfortable castors and particularly manoeuvrable thanks to the swivelling and locking front castors.

Convenience for everyone. Right from the start, your little one will enjoy this CARRYCOT. When driving by car, your baby travels securely on the car seat. Ventilated fabrics, headrests and seat cushions make the car seat particularly comfy. Both the 3-point seat harness and the separately available Isofix base are used to attach the car seat.

Combination the car seat with the frame and make it a lightweight and manoeuvrable purchase assistant to look around yourself in most jewellery stores. Your baby can sit in the seat, which is smooth and easy to use, because the back can be moved to a reclining angle and the foot rest can be moved several times. Seat folds down effortlessly so you can also be agile in the driving lane.

The large baskets under the seat can be used to keep your groceries and babies. You can fold the seat, even the sport seat, to such a small size that it will fit in almost any boot. Purchase the Comfort Fix Isofix Base from us to match your stroller set.

Car seats, prams & pushchairs Joie

Car Joie seat, pram & highchair. Welcome Joie, the tree care company that aims to bring pleasure to new families around the world. You are the caring member of the familiy, the branch specialist and the boy who is passionate about providing you with "just brilliant" premium designs, technology and security in accessible tree care nurseries. The Joie assortment comprises baby carriages, car couches and tall stools to suit every new time.

The Joie has also become the favourite pram and car seat of Liverpool FC's Liverpool FC selection - have a look at the Joie Liverpool FC series! Take your toddler on a trip with the most durably child-resistant fabrics individually engineered to always meet the industry's highest standard. Be it inclined, from the time of childbirth to 12 years or as a luxurious signed seat, every Joie car seat is dedicated to security.

Join us for style ful and handy light weight strollers like the Evalite Duo pram and the Evalite Travel System or the Mirus Scenic pram. Joie's pram is engineered to fit your new baby, from the holiday-proof Joie Pact Flex pram to the 3-in-1 Cabrio pram that fits your needs.

She loves to minister to you as you dine her on chic, uncomplicated Joie high chairs like the Mimzy Snacker and universal Multiply high chairs designed for kids to grow up.

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