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Wood lock toy, San Jose, CA. Let's create a magical world of princes and princesses with George Home Wooden Castle. Originals Play Sets Made by Trendmasters in 1995, Starcastle was a range of locks made of plastics that opened with a single wrench to open the interior of the home and playroom, with many small details and accessoires. When Trendmasters closed the trade in 2002 (raised by Jakks Pacific), at least three more locks were built for Disney from the old forms with a fairy-tale print theming.

"Out of the Wishster' Realm are the fortresses where you can create your own bewitched realm!" Check out the six princess's heavenly companions and their necklaces! Locate all hidden places! Princess would be happy if you would go with her dragonlift! Princess likes to browse the bookshop!

Search for your two hidden attractions and make your own charming collars! Check out the six lake lovers of the princess and her bow chain! The princess and you can cook a supper and ask all your mates! Search for your two hidden attractions and make your own charming collars!

Mother loved to sway on her folding swings! Locate all hidden places! Thou and the princess may keep guard over her castle from her throne!"

Leicester Castle Toys, LĂ©icestershire

This lock still opens and locks without a lock cylinder being pressed. Puppets, pets and equipment are not part of this kit. The Chad Valley Castle comprises a knight, a horse, a gun, a train bridge. Wood lock with figurines, very good state, sale due to move, from a smokeless and pets free home. Large bunch of huge blocks contains 4 different sets.

Elegant Lil Castle Play Set. Whoa, Winnie the fucking toy. Flaymobil Knights Castle 3268 Amazing complement to every Flaymobil range - well performed but still in good state. Some of the small extra accessoires are lacking, but 90% are there... together with a few guys and a horses.

A Disney castle for royalty with all the royalty and accessoires. Play your own musical pieces as you step into the castle with different tones and melodies as the principals swirl around the dancing area.

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