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Scavenger hunt is a girl's notebook. Marble type 2018/19 18 months diary.

Today Marilyn Monroe would be wearing height 8, while Kim Kardashian would be 18 years old in the 1970s.

New clothing sizes rule shows that the curvaceous Marilyn Monroe - long considered a 12 (US 8 ) - would in fact carry an 8 (US 4) if she were to dress today. BSI (British Standards Institution) numbers show that in 1974 females who wore 10 (US 6 ) had 82 cm long breasts and 87 cm long thighs.

Forerun until 2015 and females of the same clothing sizes have an 86 cm breast and 94 cm thighs. For Kim Kardashian, who says she carries a British 14-gauge ("US 10"), an 18-gauge ("US 14") would have been more appropriate in the 1970s. Every five years or so, a panel of sector specialists and government officials set the clothing sizes criterion, and the BSI says their readings should only be used as a cue.

Style guidelines show that the curvaceous Marilyn Monroe - long considered Größe 12 (US Größe 8 ) - would now carry Größe 8 (US Größe 4 ) due to either hyperinflation or the " disappearance-sizing ". Just a few month ago a table of dress styles was published showing the "madness of women's sizes" over the last 50 years.

Diagrams compiled by the Washington Post using American Society of Testing and Materials statistical data show how women's clothing dimensions, using exactly the same breast and waist measures, have evolved over the last 50 years. To illustrate the gap between then and now, the graph shows that today's British figure 12 (US figure 8 ) is the 1958 equivalence to a figure 16 (US figure 12).

If you thought that the mean height for UK females was 8 or 10 or 12 (US 4, 6, 8 sizes), you would be seriously offended. It' in fact a 16 (US-sized 12). It' all very well tried to please your customers, but if they go in a 10 (US 6 size), if they really are a 14 (US 10 size), it gives the bad one.

In Topman I'm a big guy, in Zara I'd be big if they ever had that big! When you are a 16 (US Height 12 ), you should be wearing a 16 (US Height 12). It could stop all those style programs that indicate that you need to carry this hip strap, or never carry it again.

While the British authorities are struggling to overcome the current situation of adiposity ( let's face it, this may never happen!), our "trustworthy" businesses can at least be frank with us and remain faithful to their heights.

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