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Stack-lined duffel bag Popular items for fun baby clothing. Homepage / Baby Girls Cardigans, Shirts and Bodysuits. Made of MORI kimono body suits are a refreshing alternative to a classic round neckline. There is nothing safer than a first layer on your baby's sensitive skin.

Baby Lily & Dan Bodysuits pack of 3

How can you find the desired product? Here is an overview of our shipping possibilities and everything you need to know about return shipments, all in one place. Receive free shipping on all £20 worth of on-line orders. Most of our articles are delivered within 3-5 working day after your order.

From Monday to Saturday we can ship your articles up to 2 week after the date of your order. We have a number of ways to return an order to us. We have a number of ways to return an order to us. With this 3-bag Bio-Zebra Baby Bodysuits you can equip the cloakroom of your little beast.

I' m sorry. Kimono Baby Body mom.

This is a cool way to replace a classical round neckline with your own look. Wear your own custom designed bodysuit suit with MORI Kimono. A sleek multiover look is perfect for new mom and dad who want to prevent clothes being pulled over the baby's face. Small Baby only available in the color Caucasian. Until 68cm / 27" Until 80cm / 31" Until 92cm / 36" Until 110cm / 43" SWADDLE BAG: Applicable from 15 nights up to 3m.

Cloth: Suited from childbirth up to 9m. Can be used for 1 to 2 years. If you are spending over 35 in the UK, you can have your order shipped FREE with MOOR. {\pos(192,210)}Mori doesn't deliver to mailboxes. In order to prevent delays, please enter a mailing adress at the cash register. Our best efforts are to fulfill orders within 2 workdays.

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