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Little boy's Kent mom, who was conceived with thick filament, has no idea how to shear it. Mom of a nine-week-old baby whose fur is "bigger than he is" says she wants to prevent having her cut for as long as possible. Henderson's Renzo Henderson fur is now so long that his mom, Shannon Kaitell, 24, is joking that it is longer than her own nature spec.

Shannon, from Gravesend, Kent, said that the physician who gave birth to Renzo was so shocked by the spectacle of his curly curls that he, instead of telling that the baby's scalp was exposed, he said: "Wow - he has a bunch of hair". Both Shannon and her fiance Chris Henderson, 33, adore their baby's thick curls, which his mother said have already made him "super popular" and disclosed that they have no plan to give him a cut.

Renzo was only 20 years old when his mom said that his fur was already centimeters long. Shannon now, at the age of nine months, jests that Renzo's curls have almost grown out of her own fur if she doesn't wear them. Shannon baths every single night and shampooes his coat to keep it smooth and tidy, but acknowledges that it "does what it wants" when she tries to do it.

And Shannon said that her older boy, Rome Henderson, four years old, also had long haired when he was four years old, but she has never seen haired as long as Renzo's in a neonate. And she said, "I've never seen a baby with this kind of head before. He' s definitely one of the most hairy - his head is larger than it is.

When Renzo was borne, it was very long, especially in the back. There were quite a few guys in the room and some shocking faces. The first thing they said to his father when they took him in was: "Look how much gold he has". It' been a long time, but it just keeps coming back ever since.

It' s almost longer than mine, without my extremities. I' ve never felt such a filament before. I didn't really notice that baby hairs are such a big deal, but only when you look do you realize that most humans aren't really going to be delivered with that much or that much and then many folks say their baby is dropping out.

I hope Renzo's doesn't. {\pos (192,210)}His mom also said that folks seem to be uncertain whether Renzo is a boy or a girl. Mm. Shannon, a housewife, said, "I really love that he has longhairs. but they ask "boy or girl" first?

They' re asking about Renzo. Renzo will take a snooze and he will go in and just see this big dark ring and it's Renzo's fur. Well, the hairdryer does what it wants. But then the top and sides remain down, but the top back of his header will reach up within 20mins.

Although her two daughters were blest with thick bristles, Shannon confesses that she doesn't know where they got it from. And she said, "I don't think I have any particularly beautiful bristles myself. I am half Africans and don't really have Africa-hairs, but with my ethnic affiliation our roots don't get that good.

I think men's whiskers are growing faster and faster, but I never thought my baby would have so much of it. Rome's haired at the time of delivery were long, but not nearly as long as Renzo's.

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