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Babygrow, pyjamas and vests for babies and girls make it the ideal place to find an ideal gift for the newcomer in your family. Baby-girl pack with three-star body suits. Catie Price fends off supporters by trying to resell "dirty" baby clothes from her cloakroom.

On Sunday, Katie Price found herself embarrassed when supporters ridiculed her efforts to whip a "dirty" baby online. 39-year-old celebrity and glamorous fashion girl has been on eBay for the past few months reselling articles while cleaning up her old wardrobe. She' been trying to get people to buy their old stuff - which apparently includes baby clothes.

"I' ve been building a huge dressing room for the last 10 years and now it's my turn to search it and buy my outfits," says the celebrity on the online trunk sales website. Katie, who aroused further interest via Instagram, showed an old baby clothes item - described as "Owned by Katie Price family shop Armani unique baby clothes store Armani baby clothes store Armani unique baby clothes store Armani baby clothes store Armani baby clothes store Armani.

However, the Stern was ashamed of the dirty way the clothes on show were made. Obviously the bars must have struck Katie pretty bad - because she erased the article afterwards.

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It'?s good we're gonna be betting, and now you can do it thanks to Lidl. It is part of the Lidl's Lupilu line and helps keep your baby at the right time. Baby line goes on sale on September 8 and it will be available as long as the stock lasts, so it is probably a good idea to pinch your Lidl first thing in the mornings if you want to equip your little one.

It is not only about clothes, there are also a number of other baby supplies that will come to the grocery store.

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The Instagram has failed to return valid information.

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