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Inexpensive baby clothes online free shipping

There is also a large selection of children's clothing with individual name imprints. shipment Deliveries will be sent and must be signed as evidence of dispatch. Childsplay Clothing Ltd will no longer be responsible for any problems resulting from the non-delivery of the consignment if you retroactively alter the mode of transport to one that does not need a sign, e.g. "leave it in a secure place".

Childsplay Clothing Ltd must approve any address changes if this is tried through the deliverer or otherwise, then Childsplay Clothing Ltd is not liable for non-delivery of the consignment. When your package is delayed, please follow it if it has been kept or already shipped.

When your order was delivered in a Childsplay Clothing present case, you do not need to give it back. Duty Paid (DDP) Duty Paid Duty Paid Duty Paid Duty Paid Duty Paid Duty Paid Duty Paid Duty Duty Paid Duty Duty Paid Duty Paid Duty Duty Paid Duty Duty Paid Duty at the cash register is indicated by "IMPORT DUTY PAID". To benefit from this special offer, please choose this shipping method.

In this case, your package will be kept at your nearest customs until payment is made. Failure to pay fees may result in your package being demolished or sent back to us. Remember that your return shipments must be shipped to us within this period, unless otherwise stated (or in the case of defective goods - see below), we will not accept any return shipments beyond this period.

Upon shipment, a returned shipping instruction sheet will be attached to your package, just fill out the sheet and put it with your item in our resealable pouch. Back information. Complete the item numbers of the articles you wish to return/exchange and check the appropriate box for the purpose of returning them.

Wrapping your articles. Wrap your return(s) in the genuine box. Please make sure that you have filled in all the articles you wish to send back and your send back request as well. Mark the box. Please reprint your returned sticker (see below). Ensure that your item is safely locked and hand it in at your nearest postal service.

Due to hygienic reasons, we cannot tolerate the following items: Whilst we are committed to thorough product inspection prior to shipment, please inspect your products thoroughly for damage/defects on arrival and send them back for a full refund, chargeback or exchange within the above deadlines.

It may be necessary to send the article to the producer so that he can judge it and determine what can take up to 14 workdays. Articles bought within the SALE area can only be refunded within 21 workingdays of delivery against store credit or exchanges. Your legal right remains unaffected - so you can continue to give back advertising material against reimbursement under the distance selling regulation, which demands that you notify us within 14 business days following receipt of a notice of withdrawal in writing.

Articles must be sent back within 14 working days after supply either against conversion or only against voucher. Each package comes with a free stamped reply tag, please affix to your package and hand it in at your nearest postal service. Your goods will not be invoiced and will take 1-2 business day to be sent back to us.

We are not responsible for any losses or delays incurred as a result of using our free of charge returned goods services. We recommend that you use your own mail order methods and purchasing insurances for additional guarantees, especially for very expensive returned goods. This is not a postage-paid tag, so you will need to include or frank your stamp when shipping.

The Fedex system calculates duties and taxes for every package sent back to us. The fee will automaticly be subtracted from your refunds. Use the enclosed mailing labels or your own personal mailing process to mail your product back to the following address: In order to prevent disappointments, we recommend that you place a new order for all articles you wish to trade for and ask for a full return shipping credit, as the desired articles may be sold out by the date we get your order back.

As we are unable to keep your item, we cannot ensure its uptime before we receive your returned item.

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