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Babies and Toddlers Event - visit later this year for more great deals. Bath time gift bag from Johnson's Baby Essentials.

Inexpensive diapers: Secret ways for all mum and dad can get free nappy wraps - and other top deals.

We' ve discovered two ways on-line where you can get free packages of Pampers diapers from your parent across the UK to help you cut a few cents while adapting to the new additions to your family. Some of the best deals we have seen - though not necessarily the least expensive - is a half priced deal on Pampers Pure which is currently £4 (usually £8).

We' ve put together the best free riding deals below, as well as where to buy the lowest priced places to buy diapers across the mainland. You also discovered that there are also diapers sold at the ASDA Baby and Infant Events that are now in the shop and on-line, like the ASDA Little Angels Newborn diapers that now cost £2.50.

BumDeal's fun BumDeal app lets you find the best diaper in the right sizes and brands you need, and you can also browse by name. Asda' s 84-packs Little Angels diapers, which work at 5.3p per diaper, seem to be the least expensive diapers you can get your fingers on right now.

It' s also a good idea to subscribe to newsletter subscriptions from all the big brands to keep up to date with their latest promotions, as many retail stores regularly host baby sales seasonals - Asda has just revealed theirs! If you register (it's free), you'll receive a free "Bump to Baby" free gift package coupon, which now contains a full 22-pack of Pampers diapers in addition to a range of parent tastings and purchase coupons.

We' ve tried it ourselves to verify if it works and voice over, once we have given them our e-mail, we received a coupon for a free Pampers package, plus a few other bonuses like 200 Argos coupons and a free photobook.

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