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The range covers diapers at half prices as well as other goods such as baby cloths and moisturizers and brand labels such as Huggies, Pampers and Johnsons. You can also get Ella's and Heinz baby food, Johnson's bath items and some discounts, less than 50 percent, also on Child's Farms produce.

Eight best baby seesaws. The Independent.

Maybe there's nothing better than snuggling your baby, but there are occasions when you have both your hand free and want a little rest. They' re the perfect place for your little ones to chat for a few minutes or to take valuable naps, giving you plenty of opportunity to enjoy a well-deserved sip.

Many of the doormen on the street are easy enough to be driven around the home, but they all have small discrepancies that can make it difficult to know which one to use. We' ve put all these doormen to the test with the help of some very drowsy newborn babies (and their mothers) and a little more vigorous six-month-olds - there were also some toddlers in the mixture - to find out what distinguishes them from everyone else and why they deserve your consideration.

Either you can rock the stool with your feet - with your baby's body mass as a swing - or when your baby begins to step his feet, you can let him do it. As soon as they have learned to stand up, the doorman can be turned to turn him into a stool.

This means that if you are able to get to sit around a desk and share a snack, your baby can also be part of the time. It' also an excellent way to feed your little ones when you begin to wean them, and they are too small for a high stool. Rather than jumping traditionally, it swings and mimics the swaying movement of your limbs without pain.

Just put your little one in the stool, buckle him up and slide him in softly, who swings for two min without help. There are no power outlets, battery or shake feet required. If you have older babies, they can also join in, as the stool can hold babies up to 60 kg.

That means a lot of crates are ticked. It' s difficult to know whether to buy a baby rocker or a baby rocker as they are ideal for entertainment and naps - but do you really need both? There are 10 different themes and five natural sounds to select from - far more than most doormen - so you won't get tired when you hear the same themes repeated.

Only a few turns of the face allow you to lift the doorman from the minimum position, on the deck or even to the top of your counter. It is also useful if you have your own pet and you would prefer your baby to be a little higher to prevent unavoidable leaks, or if your baby wants to be part of the home with you.

Infants may find it difficult to adapt when the new baby is given many new games, so this stool is ideal for both. Designed for newborn babies, it has three seating brackets, a vibration modus, but with one click you can take off the handle and all older babies (up to 18 kg weight) can use it as a swing stool or fixed stool for resting.

It has a more textured design so it can't be flattened, but it's a great value for a seat that holds your baby up to the infant. One of our testers liked it for her little baby who was flooded with other doormen she had tried out. When your baby is slightly taller, you can easily put it on and use it as a conventional wooden doorstop.

The BabyBjörn doorman has been purchased over and over again by mothers for several reasons: it is simply, classy, robust and so easily moved.

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