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Complimentary and cheap baby things We collect in this guidebook the best places to find free and cheap goods and service for you and your baby. If you read our pre-purchase ratings, you will know that you are buying the best possible product for you and your baby. Number of baby items offered may vary from group to group, but it is possible to find some absolutely precious stones - you can also make a "desired" inquiry if you are looking for something specific.

For example, the NCT Parents' Association rents prams and other items - just think about checking our pram ratings before deciding on a pram and always do some fundamental security checking before using it. Childbirth Preparation Course helps you get ready for your baby's delivery and learns how to care for and nourish your baby.

The majority of NHS courses begin about 8-10 wks before your baby is due to be delivered (but earlier if you have babies as they are more likely to be premature ) and run for about two hrs once a week. However, the most common courses of NHS are the first 8-10 wks before your baby is due to be delivered. Lessons can be quickly fully booked, so talk to your maternity nurse or family doctor early in the morning to see what is available in your area.

When you are expecting or have had a baby in the last 12 month, you are exempted from payment for prescription and NHS dentistry. You get 3. 10 per weeks if you are more than 10 weeks pregnant, 6. 20. per week if your baby is under one year old, and 3. 10. per week for every kid over one and under four years old.

There are many baby club brand names where you can register and get free baby food, as well as free product reviews, hints and suggestions. Apptaclub: 24/7 competent dietary consultation, personalized e-mails tailor-made for your stages of gestation, quotes, instructions and check lists. Baby Ribs Mother and Baby Club: coupons, individual purchase services, partner promotions, unique deals at Baby Ribs, customized to your baby's age.

Bébevita: free skimmer, money-back coupon. Emma's Diary: 200 Argos Pounds Argos Cash Off Coupons, 15 Pounds Bonus Print Photo Book Coupon, Free Newborn Essentials Pack from Johnson's Baby and Pampers, Cash Off Coupons and other major baby brand promotions, Free entry to on-line fora. More than £100 in the form of coupons, which include 20% discount on motherhood clothes, 10 discount if you are spending 100 or more, 5 discount if you are spending 50 or more on clothes, shoes or games, 20% discount on games for your child's next birth anniversary, personalized e-mails for each of your weeks of gestation, preview of motherhood care products sold, invitation to test products.

The Bounty Prégnancy Information Kit is usually given to you by your birth attendant at the beginning of your baby's life, then after the first scanning you can collect your Mum-To-Be Kit from Asda, Boots or Superdrug by showing the coupon you received in your first kit. For 38 consecutive weekly periods per year, all three- and four-year-old infants are eligible for 15 free kindergarten working days per year.

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