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Best 9 womens fair wear weatherproof jackets

Don't be deceived by the fact that it's supposed to be summers - Britain usually never has too much rains. There are a number of prizes, but generally speaking, the more you want to pay, the more cover you get. One of our favorites is this blue-spotted coat that keeps you drier in torrential rains.

It' s ultra light and is designed to overlay heavier clothes while the hoody is big enough to protect all your bristles. It can also be used after the festive period on wet sled rides. That means our face stays hydrated after a rain shower and the variable sleeves and drawcord at the bottom of the coat allow you to keep your upper half hydrated and warmed.

Perfect for hikes and other post-gathering activities after the festivals period, if you have a larger household this is a sure bet. The Hunter has a variety of festival-appropriate equipment, as well as this sleek, transparent, impermeable coat that can be seen on models such as Lottie Moss and Natalie Dormer. It is also rugged and will keep you going for years, making the seed money worthwhile.

It was a favorite choice with those of us who liked the look, but it's pretty thin and would probably not hold up against torrential rain. However, it is stored in its bag, so it takes up very little room if you want to take an additional, more weather-resistant, impermeable device with you.

Recreation is big at the moment and that' s why this adidas vinyl styled coat is perfect for festival. It should last for years, so it's definitely a good idea to put it on. This will withstand mild rainfall (no strong rain), but the shirred sleeves and pale pressure make it a more complimentary choice than others on the schedule.

Snap fasteners are provided on the hooded front so that you can remove it according to the conditions, and the bags have a hook-and-loop fastener for secure storage of your valuable items. Canada Goose is a Canada based company known for its padded, feathered jackets and has a number of light waterproofing products to keep you warm even in rainy conditions.

Featuring the famous emblem on the sleeve, this semi-rigid coat is discreet and classy. Sleeves also stretch over the top of the hand for added security. It'?s pricey, but we think it's rewarding. It has a spacious design so you can put a sweater underneath for cooler nights, and the hoody is large enough to actually keep the rains off your face - and your actions - while you watch the Headliner.

To get a cheap impermeable parka that keeps you drier, choose the Joules Pack Away Parka.

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