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On-line semen donation: 'Baby dispenser available. Write me a message

Already one hours after I had published my online advertisement for semen dispensers, the storks gave me a small bunch of pleasure. And for those who want a baby but don't have the necessary XY-chromosomes to create one, there are tens of places where they can promote semen sampling - and no end to the men who like to offer them one.

Those nonregulated locations are so loved that last weekend the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) heralded its plans to raise payment to semen and oocyte sponsors in the hopes that this will boost the number of regulatory grants - the latest numbers show that there were only 396 new semen sponsors in 2008 - and that humans will stop using online fertilisation websites.

"Two times a weeks for a whole months. Strictly testing your semen condition. careers girls who worry they've been out too long? What online environment welcomes them once they've signed up? TashEllie, also 18 years old, wanted a baby "but I haven't yet found the right fellow who thinks the same.

I' d like a semen transplant, please. "Becky said that she "wanted to be a mother... I'm willing in every way... the only trouble is that you need a males and females to have a baby, and I only have the feminine part. There' s one weakness that pervades most of the news leave behind by a woman - whether they' re 18 or 38 years old.

leaving a plain ad in which I described myself as a brooding, 31-year-old pro. Family doctor tells me he'll ask 15 for a contribution. A non-licensed arrangement theoretically allows a woman to request family benefit at any time - a fact that many of the committed female contributors may not be aware of.

"Guys who deliver specimens to hospitals are just known as donors," says Nick Spears of RFEA. "You have no jurisdiction over the children who may arise from your contributions. Outside of a hospital, the giver is statutorily the ancestor.

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