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ONDON' GUARD: LONDON'S RINGING! We are very pleased to launch our AW18 London Stories series. Our line is a luxurious children's clothing line with three new coats, each of which is based on a different London area. Kensington's striking two-tone Galerie jacket in countless colours of finest UK merino wool.

Fitzrovia's lively, tailor-made peaskin. Marylebone's complicated Marylebone peas blue coats with discreet reddish lace show that we value detail, genuine elegance and real luxuries. Every flawless custom garment in the range is handmade in the centre of London - just a stone's throw from our founder's 1880s dressmaking business - and each is made from pure UK's oldest wool factory's pure nature fabric.

We are pleased to announce that we have been selected for the best children's fashion label at this year's renowned Little London Awards! We have many nice stamps in this class and the distinction is decided by a referendum. It would mean a great deal to receive an Little London accolade as an ethicist who makes all their parts in London.

Every voter has the opportunity to win a one-year contract as a member of the Harbour Club Kensington marvel. We are often asked where the inspirations for our jacket skins come from. Preparing for each seasons, our designers browse through huge amounts of archive footage from Viktorian and Edwardian Britain, from clothing magazine to high social portraits, from photos of the King's House to couturier commercials, to find wardrobes that would attract contemporary audiences around the globe.

One of our items is usually inspired by several historic garment styles, so our designers work diligently to merge together some of the items they have taken from the archive. As our Rachael, the founding father, puts it, our goal is "never just to restore classic UK mantle style, but to revitalize it so that it is meaningful and desired by today's parent and child".

Let's take our Kensington cloak, for example. Originally the AW18 was inspired by a mix of Victorian galery coats and pictures of beach fashion taken from an import of the Gazette de Bon Ton from 1912. So in other words, what we are doing is bringing the past into the present for coming generation, one layer at a time.

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