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They asked Fisher-Price's swinging sleeping berths to be checked for moulds that could cause breathing difficulties and nettle rash in small cubs.

Featuring a flexible synthetic seating system supported in a tube-shaped metallic swing structure, the baby carriages are designed for up to 25 lbs. of weight. Mould can form between the detachable cushions and the rigid plastics frames if the threshold stays damp or is rarely washed, the authority cautions. Mould is associated with respiratory diseases and other infection, the caution said.

Unit currently in shops are not affected by the alert, but mould may form after use by baby sleepers.

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US regulators have again warned of "nests", or "anti-roll" pillows can smother newborn babies, the Mirror states. Previously, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had asked parental not to use the product and was updating its council this weekend. Glastonbury and Street families are going full steam ahead in the Facebook discussion - is it a mistake to let your kid go to bed?

You added: "We have taken the precaution of removing these from our website." The online merchant eBay said MailOnline would stop offering baby sleeping positions on its website and delete offers. The FDA first issued a warning in 2010 about baby sleeping positions - prompting some retail stores to draw the articles only to finally put them up for resale.

The FDA posted online in its update recommendation: "Those devices - sometimes referred to as "nests" or "anti-roll" devices - can cause asphyxiation (shortness of breath) and thus cause deaths. "During sleep, the positioning devices are designed to hold a baby in a certain posture and are designed for babies under 6 month of age."

In order to decrease the chance of sleep-related fatalities, as well as sudden death syndrome, babies should be able to rest on their backs, placed on a solid, empty bedding, said the American Academy of Pediatrics. Schlaflieder Trust also warned against the use of baby sleeping positions.

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