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When you want - Examen du North Point Shopping Centre, Kingston-upon-Hull, Angleterre

If there were outside the fuselage, I wouldn't suggest going here only if they didn't care about cheap stores and didn't want to buy clothing. I' ve been here for many years and I still go, but I make sure now that I wrap my baby in the back of the van before I go in and when I come out, rather than even trying to wrap it in here.

Then I went to the toilet and a cleaning agent (thin with little bit dark hair) was placed outside the toilet. Quickly I asked if I could use the handicapped toilet, as it was there and there was not enough space to take my pram to the women's toilet where the baby change room is, let alone to the small baby change room.

Being the mother of two children with a weeping baby and a twin stroller, I was NEVER anywhere who would refuse to let me into a bathroom that I could actually use. For a few seconds I was standing there in shock and then said okay and went down the small hallway to the small women's bathroom.

That wasn't a fun one and I had already had to play and fight around with two separate doorways, scratching my stroller and then having my baby move on the bottom of the ladies' room because my stroller wouldn't pass through the baby change area doorfloor.

Being a trained instructor myself, I have the feeling that some of the center's employees could manage with a little instruction in client services and how they should and should talk to each other. Thank you for your evaluation and apology for this event, I will deal with it and forward your remarks to our cleaner.

Now we have ordered and are awaiting the installation of a baby change in the walk-in bathroom to create a bigger home for families to accommodate their kids. Bathrooms are always neat and have never enough toilet tissue. You always make an effort at Christmas and make the center look festal.

While I have been living in the shell for many years now, the North Point Shopping Centre is the most awful thing I have ever experienced when it comes to baby rooms. Arriving early in the mornings with my baby who had an "accident", I could not switch them because the only installations were in the women's toilets.

Fortunately for me, I fell on a cleaning lady who let me into the women's bathroom so I could switch my baby while she looked out. You have a large handicapped lavatory (for which you have to get the key), which has much more room. There' d be no trouble installing a diaper-changing in there.

Now we order another baby change which will be located in the handicapped area. Sadly, a radar wrench is still needed for this bathroom, but a member of the cleansing crew or safety department will let you into the bathroom. It' been a while since we went to the mall, the place was very neat and orderly, most of the shops were manned.

You ever been to the North Point mall?

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