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Personalized baby waxes, clothing, vests, etc.

Is there a better way to commemorate your baby's coming than with personalized baby presents? Personalized baby clothes or accessoires (e.g. a baby seat, pyjamas) provide a great motherhood holiday or a baby douche present and are a nice souvenir (or fun surprise for a chicken or deer night).

TeamShirts offers a wide range of great-looking, high value apparel and accessoires to cater for every newborn, baby and infant in your team. No more looking as TeamShirts for personalized baby party or motherhood presents, weddings or christenings, motherhood wear or handy accessoires and apparel to use as filling material for baskets to give to proud new mothers and fathers.

Whether it's a personalized long-sleeved body suit or a short-sleeved baby brew, pyjamas or a personalized baby seatie, or a baby T-shirt, you're guaranteed to find unforgettable personalized presents for the little ones. And we know that a baby can grow very quickly! Indulge in hats or hats, polo tops, sports wear or personalized lingerie.... Cheerful personalized plain tops or baskets with handy clothing and accessoires will certainly give a little extra smiles to the faces of new mothers and fathers involved in diaper-making.

With TeamShirts we know how unique every baby is, so why free them from the shelves and toy when you can get great personalized presents instead? Our sleek and uncomplicated TeamShirts Designool lets you personalize everything from baby grow ers, bibs and pyjamas to soft toy, covers, baby nightshirts or hoodie sweaters for your infant in 4 quick clicks.

Elevate a picture of the baby's babyhood, a sweet look or logotype, include your baby's name, mommy's and daddy's name, a custom tagline or your favorite verse. Do you need ideas for birthdays, christenings, motherhood holidays or weddings that are beloved by everyone? Finding (or creating) the right look for you and your baby!

Proper print technology is important to ensure that the print on the pyjamas or blanket lasts as long as possible. With TeamShirts you can select between flexo print, silk print, silk print and digitally print directly for your individually imprinted pyjamas. Unfortunately, we cannot yet supply baby body suits, covers or toy embroidery.

We are working on getting your own stitched baby-grow or pyjamas from TeamShirts soon. digitally direkt allows you to personalize the front and back of your baby's pyjamas or toddler's blouse with your own personal design and text. Want to add printing to the sleeve of your personalized clothing and look for durable printing?

As an alternative, we can also offer silkscreen print, which is the best choice if you want to order personalized covers, baby toys, baby body suits, personalized baby tops or large quantities of baby mats. Never before has buying presents been so much enjoyable. As we know, a baby can bring pleasure, smile, and luck into everyone's life - but being a parents (especially a new one) is also a great job.

While we cannot help you with the diaper-changing fights or the mess during meals, we can make the design of baby clothing, accessoires or presents as risk-free and stress-free as possible. Because we want to ensure that you are satisfied with your personal present, you can always ask for help or advise, tell us what you like or don't like by contacting us.

We help you to make your pyjamas or baby-grow-idea and desires come to live! A free graphics department is available to help you produce your own custom designs (remember you can get inspired by or use our galleries for free), advise on materials and print technologies, and show you how to personalize your pyjamas.

Not only do you want to personalize a pair of pyjamas or a bib, but you also want to have babies, covers or a shirt for your baby's playing group or your toddler's family? Join us for a celebration of a birth, baptism or Christmas with our adorable, personalized Baby Grows with custom themes and name. This personalized gift creates a beautiful souvenir that your little ones will cherish forever!

Make only 5 personalized pyjamas or hoodie sweaters (or soft toy or plain shirt or...) and get 10% discount. And the more personalized garments or accessoires you buy, the more you can economize. You can even cut 60% off on large orders of 100 or more babywear! With our 30-day fair-return policies, you are always on the safer side when the body is too small or the baby doesn't like the baby's baby's babyface.

Every personalized garment and accessory is handmade in our in-house printing facility, so you can be sure to receive only the best gift for your loved ones.

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