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There are at least two possible causes why things are not described from an intrinsic point of view in an orally based narrative such as ours. Positioning does not originate from the nature of the subject, but is associated by antithetic couples (near-far, forehead, backdrop, up-down) with its role in a particular contexts.

Secondly, it is well known that descriptors from an intrinsic point of view are missing in numerous references because they are predicated on the default and well-known functions of the objects that result from the emphasis on their innate part. Once we have recognized which particular amounts of restrictions work at a particular point in the narrative, e.g. in narrative sections, we can grasp the reason why the storyteller rules out the narrative from an intrinsic point of view.

VS was computed for antiphase couples seperately on the basis of obset and transitional latent (i.e. obset blocking or transitional blocking) to allow intercomparisons between the different measurements. Generally, the transitional interlock was greater than the initial interlock when computed for the same burst rate (Table S2). Level-Dep entry lock was greater for all mixed couples compared to Dep-Lev (paired ~t test,

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