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The Ginger and Pickle Kids Boutique. Beautiful boutique full of beautiful things for little people. Discover GlamClosetKidz's board "Kids Boutique Clothing" on Pinterest.

Singer and Pickle Childrens Boutique - A nice boutique with wonderful things for littlesters.

This is a boutique full of things for littlesters. Founded in 1985, Ginger & Pickle is an independant children's boutique with four rooms with lovely clothing, games and presents, all housed in a magnificent old house that has only its own personality. Ginger & Pickle carries a broad assortment for newborns up to 8 years of age and is large in bio and locally and offers wonderfully finished clothing that is often manufactured directly at the roadside.

No matter if you're looking for big names like major fashion apparel and Start-Rite footwear or local gemstones like Kite and Inky & Mole, you'll soon find what you're looking for and experience some surprise. Ginger & Pickle is a great souvenir of everything that is good in the world of independant business, with a kind, knowledgeable staff to help you select a present or advise you on the right one.

The Best Kinderbuchhandlung in New York - Review of Books of Wonder, New York City, NYC

Recall that I came here to celebrate the Harry Potter book parties at noon.... my first encounter with this beautiful shop and its kind employees was one of them. Reading for kids via the internet. Spacious and well illuminated, supportive personnel when you buy presents for the little ones. Obviously there are so many different types of book to select from and selected with care for their customers.

Our personnel are so kind and competent! And I could have been spending all of my days looking at the old and uncommon ones. The 13-year-old wanted a page breaker and the employees were more than willing to take him in. This bookstore I would advise anyone who likes to buy literature, young or old!

I' ve been getting more than thirty years of copies of Book of Wonder, but never went to the shop. Today we took the New York rail road especially to go to New York to see Book of Wonder. At least we spend 2 hrs in the shop buying for our 14 year old boy and our little grandkids!

Did you go to the miracle catalog?

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