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Inexpensive fashionable baby clothes

How can you find out more about the latest fashionable baby clothing? "French children follow their parents, not just fashion trends. Don't miss the great savings on Fashion, Home and Toys at George.

Design fashion for men, women & youth

Viewed as a "denim specialist" and located in the Queens Arcade in the centre of Leeds City, the business is home to a welcoming and socially responsible environment that extends into the workshop and its clients. At Accent, we take great care in procuring clothing and accessoires that make our clients instantly recognisable and distinctive. Even more important, Accent employees strive to establish a relationship with all clients wherever possible.

It is our aim to offer a first-class level of services without being pushy and to establish long-term relations with our customers.

Ranging from questionable seams to cheap materials, today's fashion is conceived in such a way that it doesn't last long.

A lot of clothes don't seem to last longer than a few whole day, no care how careful we look after them. Increasingly popular vinyl clothes prove that many clothes from the 60s, 70s and 80s have taken years. Nike calculates 90 pounds for its Mayfly instructors, which were initially conceived to drop apart after only 100 kilometers of use.

Shops have new stocks every weekend and the articles go out of style in no time at all. No wonder that today there are fourfold as many dresses in women's closets as in 1980. We are so used to purchasing new clothes that we often don't pay attention to what they are made of - we don't look at the stitching or the material they are made of," says Tony.

They are more long-lasting than synthetics and mixed fabric - which is why so many "vintage" items have outlived them. And then there are the conscious moves to make sure the clothes don't last long. Companies assume that today's clothes washers are tough on clothes, that most of us use too much laundry powder and that we rarely inspect clothes label thoroughly.

You almost never see a knob stitched on correctly - it is put on by the sewing machines, and the seams are not yet ready, so they are sure to drop off. British have clothes valued at 30 billion pounds in their closets, which has not been used for more than a year. Overstitched seams that are stitched along the edges of the material to avoid fringe are seldom done, even with today' clothes - it is just a continuous stitch that is pulled off the sewing press at the end," says Daniel.

What should we pay attention to when purchasing clothes? Pricing is no warranty of durability, but some objects are definitely value to look at. Inexpensive as a jar of good quality beer, this stands for one-way-wear. Maybe this is a slightly synthetical summer flowery gown made of cotton and spandex, but it is amazingly well crafted.

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