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Maui Forum - Car hire with rear-facing child seat Has anyone any advice for a cheap car hire with car seat? Security seat is rented separately. So we didn't want the extra mass of the car seat. At your child's old age, it is really very important that you end up with a seat that CAN have the back.

Car seats can be inspected free of cost, or you can take them to the gates for inspection. They were so much luckier (and sleeped better) in their car seats. They can buy a car seat pocket quite cheap and insert additional blankets/diapers to upholster, and the air carrier will not bill you any fees to verify it.

One more voice for spraying your own seat. Quite often we are travelling with two kids who need a car seat. Once I leased a place and I wouldn't do it again. As others have said, it is free to inspect or door inspect your car seat and baby stroller. I' d hire a pram, if any, before renting a car seat :-).

In the first year we hired a seat and repented. The last time we traveled 6 tours with car seat for our two children and a pram.

ChildCo/Simple Parenting Doona Car Seat Review - Car seat reviews from birth reviews - Car seat reviews

Celebrated as the world' s premier travelling system, it is a car seat that transforms itself into a pram. Established by a dad looking for a way to get his little girl Danielle (nicknamed "Doona") to go on a trip, Simple Parenting is a new business dedicated to developing safer yet convenient, well thought-out solutions that make things easy for new mothers.

The Doona was described as "the next evolution car seat" because it has built-in castors, which means it turns into a travelling system at the push of a switch. It is the first hybride car seat and trip system on the open and with security functions such as a double-walled texture and an anti-rebound grip, it has already been thumbed up by famous parent models like Sam Bailey of X Factor and JB Gill.

With about 400 pounds for the car seat and ISOFIX basis, it is at the top end of the Group 0+ car seat industry, similar to the Stokke iPhone Sleep (434 pounds with ISOFIX basis) and Cybex Aton Q (295 pounds with ISOFIX basis). If you look at the Doona, you can be impressed by its innovative design, but it's definitely a good idea to remember that it's a car seat, and as such you can't use it for more than 2 simultaneous hours as a baby seat (as it doesn't lay flat), so it won't substitute for a stroller.

What is the easiest way to change it from a car seat to a stroller and back again? Drag a blank grip on the back of the car seat and the castors will fall out and down. It' just as fast to turn it back into a car seat: you push/pull the same keys and pedal the wheel up and down again.

What is the weight or lightness of the Doona? It' quite difficult in comparison to other car seat for toddlers. It means that the Doona weights 7 kg, much more than other chairs I've tried (like the Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix, which weights 3.5 kg). The Doona works in car seat with or without ISOFIX basis (sold separately), i.e. it will fit into any make or models of car - ideal for family members who visit or rent a car on vacation.

It is also certified for use in aviation, both in Europe and in the USA. Installation in the car is fairly easy and includes winding and attaching a standard seat belt around the car seat. But I also quickly found out that you have to put your child in the Doona and put on the five-point belt before you put the car seat on the seat belt.

When you take your kid out of the car, but leave the seat in place (and don't use it as a buggy), you also need to loosen the car's seat belt before you can reach your one. Seat comes with a cushioned neonatal tray, apparently influenced by a baby's posture in its mother's arm.

Thanks to the cushioned seat harnesses she still looks good and falls to sleep within a few moments. Since she' s not usually a car seat freak, I was amazed! With all car seating and holding a baby in a sitting posture, however, you should remember that a baby should not be held in a car seat for more than 2hrs.

How does it felt safely and securely? Doona has a robust touch and dual panels (to allow the tyres to collapse into the car seat body) for better side collision resistance. It is also located on the back of the seat to which it is attached, so that in the event of an injury it would jerk less.

What is the real service lifetime of a car seat and trip system? I had a four-month older infant than the neonatal unit. Almost five month now, she will fit into the seat without any effort, but since she is on the big side and the Doona Group is 0+ (only suited up to 13kg), I would say that she will last until her first year.

A car seat, it does what it says on the can; and a stroller, it's lively, lightweight and easy to use. That said, it probably won't take more than a year, so it's probably best for a parent who travels a great deal, has smaller houses or confined luggage spaces (which means they can't carry a buggy), or who lives in built-up areas.

What is it like to slide in stroller modus? And the Doona is rolling beautifully on sidewalks and streets. A shop owner even congratulated me and said it was the smallest stroller she had ever seen. In order to lock the stroller, click on the scarlet one, to let go click on the scarlet one.

As soon as I got the knack, I actually prefered it - the brake was more accessible than some of the pushchairs I'd tried, and the bikes felt secure wrapped around the part. Most of the times the Doona was living in the car; and when it was at home, it only took the place of a regular car seat (66cm long x 60cm high x 40cm wide).

When you are not the type of individual who travels with lightweight luggage, you can buy three different types of Simple Parenting's removable carry bags, or you can use your own stroller pocket - as I have done (see picture) - which is placed over the grips. An ingenious, shapely, simple replacement for a travelling system, ideal for a fast ride and little room.

It is not the most convenient car seat, because you must place your infant in the Doona and attach the five-point belt before securing the car seat with the head belt. Again, it is important to remember that this is a car seat that as such cannot be used for more than 2 hrs for infants (as it does not lay flat) and therefore will not substitute a stroller.

The car seat does what it says on the can; and the travelling system is lively, lightweight and easy to use. Have a look at these car seat and trip system if you liked the Doona:

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