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Hunslet Club - Hunslet Club

Club Hunslet Parkside Win the NCL Grand Final 2018. The Hunslet Club Parkside - Big finale & league winner!!! More than 2,500 members from all over South Leeds, among them Hunslet, Belle Isle, Middleton, Holbeck and Beeston. From rugby and football to gymnastics and ballet, there is something for everyone at the Hunslet Club.

Hunslet Club Solitaires is the majorette group of the Hunslet Clubs. Meetings are full of vitality and enjoyment for all levels of aging. During the meetings you'll get to know how to turn a truncheon, how to build a formation as a group, how to..... Currently, 16 competition soccer clubs, ranging from 18 month to open-aged, play in the club's youth soccer division.

The youngest member of our section is a girl soccer club aged 5 - 7 years..... Hunslet Club has a long-standing record as one of the best punching club in the nation with a story of production of local, provincial and domestic champion over several generation. Our trainers (including several former champions) are highly skilled at delivering quality products....

Our youth section has been growing ever since the Hunslet Club and Hunslet Parkside merged. All of our committed RFL-qualified trainers are DBS-approved and offer meetings from the ages of 18 month to..... Our Cheer-pom session is full of excitement and creativity, with everything from dancing movements, jumping, falling, performing and cannoning.....

Art Coordinator Cherry Crosby has over 15 years practice in collaborative dancing and works with all age groups..... We offer courses for all age groups and levels. The lessons are aimed at the development of technique, equilibrium, strength, presentability and music. With our tape courses you will get a step-by-step instruction to the main stages, sound and movements of tape dancing.

Featuring a blend of classics, modernity and jazzy dancing, our session has become increasingly popular since its launch in January 2016. Today's dancers resort to traditional as well as advanced dancing technique and often use forms of narration to create their own.... When you are between 8 and 12 years old and want to go out with your buddies, make new ones or just have a good time, our youth club is the place for you!

These rogue session are ideal for aspiring young celebrities to begin their journey into the world of dance, drama, song and music theatre. Everyone is cordially invited to join this kind, amusing group, regardless of their prior experiences....... And if you enjoy dancing and loving your own style of listening, our Live Shows integrate hip-hop and groove sounds into your own unique sequence and rhythm.

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