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Traveling with kids A number of children's cuffs and support braces are available that are designed for aviation. Below we have enumerated the support legs that are certified for use on board our aircrafts. Such brackets may be used in conjunction with an aeroplane crash helmet, provided certain security limitations are met. An infant or toddler can take a vehicle-seat with them on board, provided it is certified for flight operations and has a 5-point strap.

We have to get the goddamn automobile seat: Distance between the arms of an airplane seat: 5 cm (16. 8 inches). They are approved for use on board aeroplanes as follows: "labeled for use in aircraft." In case a vehicle is used on board for a baby over 2 years, then the reservation can be made for all passenger on our website, but you must get in touch with us to attach the vehicle seating detail and reserve a proper place on board.

A safety belt for small children is guided by the safety belt of the companion (over 16 years). Babies between the ages of 7 and 23 years must be seated on their companion's belly. Handicapped persons who cannot independently stand tall and who do not fulfil the requirements for seating on the knee of an adult or using a vehicle seating position may use the following vehicle mounts, which shall be provided and assembled by the person concerned.

Following props are approved for use on board: We regret that we cannot allow the use of posture aids for kids under 2 years of age. The Meru TravelChair helps handicapped kids between the ages of 3 and 11 who are not able to use the seats when travelling by air.

The HSB1 - This bracket is made up only of harnesses intended to transform a single strap into a supporting strap - ideal for travellers from 9 years of age up to adults. Crelling tableware must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications (weight, ages, installation) and it would be useful for the passenger if the installations specifications were available on the vessel as a guide.

It is a strap and clasp assembly which is attached directly to the airplane seating and used in connection with the airplane safety harness. be provided by the occupant and used in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications (weight, ageing, installation) and it would be useful for the occupant to have the fitting instruction available.

It is a light, wearable seat designed for 2-5 year olds who need extra posture assistance and strength. For more information on our childrens cuffs and posture aids, please refer to the manufacturers' web sites below:

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