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Savour our collection of soft and stylish baby clothes for the wonderful new addition to your family. Hints from a frugal mother One little bunch of happiness, a life-long life of loving, someone to take good for you at your age...but a new baby will be one of the most costly investment you'll ever make.

Expenses for bringing up a toddler are at an all-time high. Estimates suggest that a parent who supports his or her baby from childbirth to completion pays almost as much per baby as the purchase of a home.

What can you do to prevent the cost from going through with you? Suggestion is to be careful about spending your cash and planning ahead. I' ve been saving about 500 pounds by using clean diapers and by breast-feeding both kids by using several hundred more.

"For example, I purchased a beautiful pushchair on the web for 20, which I later resold for the same amount. "Cheap gadgets can be found in auto boots and benevolent stores. Then we went to a big children's show and looked around the store, then we went home and purchased the same things much more cheaply on-line.

" Mothers and fathers will find that they are confronted with an incredible selection of gadgets and gear in stores that claim to help the baby's coordination or interactivity develop. Just because it's on offer and looks tempting doesn't mean your baby will be loving you more. Mumsnet parent network's council is not to make costly choices.

"It' s almost unpredictable for first-time parenters to tell which baby foods will prove indispensable and which will collect in the closet," says Mumsnet co-founder Justine Roberts. "Some families will find that a multi-purpose system is a perfect fit for their needs; another may find that they only need a lifting strap for it.

" Your suggestion is to await the baby's birth to make a decision about larger acquisitions and to take suggestions from other parent about how to get good value for your baby. And even if you take good account of the big investment in new baby gear, it won't be cheap. The research for the Children Poverty Action Group estimated that the overall costs of caring for children per day can amount to around 60,000 - and it says that this is one of the key causes of the above-mentioned increase in inflationary costs for children.

There are some employer that provide flexibility, which may mean that you may choose to work part-time or only during your schooling, but you need to find out if you can affordable a salary slash. Employed mothers and fathers must find funds to cover the cost of the day nursery, then, as the baby gets older, the day nursery after work.

While the kids are looking forward to their long vacation, you will work through the logistic worst-case scenario of how to make sure they are cared for during these six weeks . Family and Childcare Trust's Jill Rutter says you shouldn't let this happen until the last second. "By the time the kids get to grade one, you' re planning the long vacation early.

"Vacation care can be costly - our recent research shows that the cost per week per child across the UK has exceeded the 100 pound mark - and it can also be hard to find places for programmes in some areas. "She proposes to look for non-formal agreements, such as asking the families for help.

Remember also to share the caring with your buddies so that they have your kids for a few day and you take after them. A number of mothers and fathers decide to cut their family allowance, and grandpa may want to open a bank deposit scheme for their grandkids. Kids often get cash from boyfriends and girlfriends as a gift for their birthdays and as they get older many of them have part-time work.

Too often, this goes into a low interest rate saving bank deposit. There are relatively good prices for saving your baby, so make sure you look for the best offers and make sure you fill out the right application forms to prevent your baby from having to pay taxes on interest. From SavvyWoman website, Sarah Pennells says anyone can deposit funds into a tax-free bank account for a kid and it's good for kids to see their life savings growing.

"When you have a little cash like children's allowance that you didn't have before, try putting it aside. It is invaluable for a kid to learn to be interested in savings. "Your kid may opt for this cash to cover some of these unanticipated additional expenses - a skiing excursion at schools, for example - but if he manages to keep it a little longer, it will be useful to help him through the college, or it may even be used for a bail on a cottage.

After all, the cost of child care, your place and working time are the key determinants of your choices of child care if you want to get back to work. Speak to your employers before going on holiday to see if they will give you care coupons (you can begin to claim them as soon as your baby is born).

When you have a lower salary, you can claim your right to receive your day care benefits through According to a study by the Family and Kindcare Trust, a parental who buys 50 lessons of care per weeks for a minor under two would be faced with an avarage bill of around 11,000 per year, so it is really important that low-income families make use of all the money available to them.

Don't let pressure put you under to buy too much baby gear. Look what your boyfriends have and ask them if they actually used the gear. Families and boyfriends often give away clothing, games and gear.

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