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With Travis CI, you can be notified of your builds results via e-mail, IRC, instant messaging or user-defined Webhook. E-mails are sent when, on the specified branch: or troubleshoot e-mail notifications. Adding another alert canal, e.g. HipChat or Slack, will cause an alert to be sent on each builds by defaults.

That means that environmental vars from the build are not available in this section. Enter the receivers to be informed of the results of the build: Completely disable e-mail notifications: : pull requests built do not initiate e-mail notification. Normally, a compile e-mail is sent to the Committer and Autor, but only if they have permission to view the repository to which the transfer was moved.

Also, it will prevent builds notification from going to people who are not Travis CI-enabled. Those checkers are added autmatically to pulled queries that modify file along those pathways. When you choose next to a Required option, the draw requirement can only be closed when: Choose Option if you want to optionally include validators but do not need their permission to finalize the pulled query.

Once the necessary validators have approved the access codes, you can close the draw application. Except allowed by policies enforce privilege, a user with the setting Excluded from policies enforce privileges can close pulled queries even if the fork directive is not met. Be careful when issuing this approval, especially at repository and collaborative levels.

Is it possible to move changes directly to a fork after a fork directive has been reconfigured? At what point will the terms laid down in the sectoral guidelines be reviewed? Industry guidelines are reassessed on the Web site as changes are enforced and reviewed by auditors. When there is a compile that is thrown by the directive, the compile state will be put on hold until the compile is complete.

May I use XAML builds definition in fork directives? in fork directives. Actually, branching directives are not case-sensitive at this point. But how can I set up more than one user as the requisite validator, but only request that one of them be approved? Allows you to include your user in a group and then include the group as a validator.

Each member of the group can then authorize on the group' s name to comply with the requirements of the Directive. I' ve defined the exception to the political privilege, why do I still see political errors in pulled requests state? Also, even for those excluded from enforcing polices, the polices you configure continue to be reported when changes are added to a pulled query.

In the case of released privileged user, the policies state is consultative only and does not prevent the termination of the pulled application. How can I get more information about enhanced policies set?

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