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You can find the references for storing objects under IDocObjectStore . A nuclear array of information accessing and modifying activities on a given databank. How to interoperate with the information in a databank. Indeed, any read or change of information in the databank must be done in a single operation. When you create a BAPI, the amount of history that is determined defines which objects the BAPI can interoperate with and stays the same throughout the life of the BAPI.

For example, if a DB link already has a write operation with a size that only spans the flyingMonkey memory, you can run a second operation with a size that spans the UniCentaur and UniPegasus memories. This is because you expect your business deal to be short-lived, so the webbrowser can cancel a deal that is too long to free memory space that the long-running deal has blocked.

If you cancel the operation, the changes made to the data base in the operation are reset. You don't even have to await the launch of the transactions or be actively involved to cancel them. transactions. For more information on movement type, see the IndexedDB references.

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