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Explore the ethical African clothing and accessories brand Kitenge. Affectionately handmade by tailors in Tanzania for their African boutique online. 0-6 I Baby Girls Boutique Clothing Children's Clothes Grey Flowery Summer Short Set Toddler Girls Clothing Outfits Boutique | Mother & Children | Interest

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Wax print African clothing

At Kitenge, we want to commemorate Africa's cultures and fashions by designing contemporary printed clothing with a distinctive, strong look and vibrant, eye-catching colors and designs. Made in Tanzania by our own cutters from our own woven materials, our colorful, high performance Africa printing apparel is made from top of the range cloth. Kitenge " is the name given to the waxy printing materials in Africa that are marketed in Tanzania's bustling retail outlets, and it was these materials that led to the creation of Kitenge's on-line shop.

Behind the footsteps of making the printed fabrics used for our clothing there is certainly a history. All pieces of genuine cloth are made of 100% local coveredotton. Carefully handcrafted, our clothing range is classy, lively and courageous and includes our favourite clothes with printed patterns and our Africa printed dresses.

Kitenge's purchases of printed clothing from Africa directly support the local textiles sector and help to create jobs that improve the jobs of local dressmakers and their family. The establishment of an on-line boutique has allowed Kitenge to present the capabilities of Tan Tansan dressmakers and enhance awareness of printed clothing in Africa with global distribution from our UK office.

In addition, each Kitenge garment is carefully crafted by hand, which means that no two are exactly alike! We are already loved at British fairs and fairs, where many are not only drawn to the colors of our clothes, but are also happy to help our Tanzanian tailor community to further strengthen their crafts.

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