Checklist of things to buy for a Newborn Baby

A checklist of things you can buy for a newborn baby

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Advice for mums and dads who bring along infants and young children

There is nothing better than your first look at the Glastonbury Festival website. If it knocks you out, just think how your kiddies are gonna be. When you are a parental, you do not need me to tell you that it is a very different adventure to go to Glastonbury with towed infants than to go alone.

The festival with small offspring can be as unforgettable, thrilling and funny as a young teen. Now, packaged marquees or star marquees are definitely fiddly for prams or small tots. Here is not only some respite, but also to watch the show over the ocean of the humans on a hill, which is illuminated by smoldering bonfires, is a unique adventure.

Having small babies at the festival doesn't mean that you have to be content to enjoy the dull blow of the headliner from your top when your favourite baby falls into a deep sack. Child earmuffs are definitely a rewarding buy, both while waking and sleeping. Since Gwyneth Paltrow's kiddies were seen on Live 8 with these, they've even had a touch of design flamboyance (though they're actually pretty inexpensive from eBay sellers).

When you' re concerned about your kid getting hurt, it's definitely a good idea to put your cell number on your kid's wrist in a crayon - or take a bracelet to wear on it, from the Kidz field. When they get astray, ask them to ask an officer, another grown-up with babies or one of the information centres for help.

You can find out more on the children's tips page. But at the same you would not take your kids to Glastonbury unless you actually wanted to do it with them. Across in the Green Kids Area - on the back of the Green Fields - the ever-impressive The Cadmus Arche hosts the selection of over five year old online game pirates.

If you need to spend an hours or two on the road, the Pilton Palais Cinema tent has children's film. It is a real children's paradise, opened from a pleasantly early 9 o'clock in the morning and with nappy-changing rooms and clean toiletts. Baby softplay areas and children's yacht shops, sandpits and children's circuses and plays, storytelling, face paint and handicrafts.

In spite of everything it has to boast, one of the best things about Glastonbury is its welcoming, uotopian atmosphere. With this in mind, it is a good idea to ask at the meal stands whether they will give you a children's serving - they will normally say yes and often ask you very little for it. Seeing and doing so much in Glastonbury, it's effortless to get busted right now.

Of what I have found, it is best to try not to care too much about keeping your children's normal beds - or even about their meals. Just leave your normal routines for a few extra nights and let them rest when they're sleepy and start eating when they're starving.

However, although the child-friendly areas of the festival are certainly exciting, it is really rewarding to go beyond their limits. Ranging from the amazing rib-tickling act in Theatre and Circus Fields to the acoustic jewels that break out of the many musical venues; surround places to trip over and scenes of implromtu insanity to see and there is so much to see and feel for kids and their adults.

Children have Glastonbury.

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