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Homepage / Family Support / Technology and Products /. Which tools and controls are available to keep my child online safely and intelligently? Helps your child remain online safely and intelligently. The deaf can miss out on non-formal education (e.g.

in the games area via web and online communities ) and often have lower rates of alphabetization than other kids their own years.

That means that they may need additional help to use the web safer, especially as information on data protection and security characteristics can be hard to comprehend. Feel good and interested in what they have in mind, and if you are concerned about their security, make sure you are conscious of the different types of service they may be using.

While respecting the fact that your child wants more personal space with age, make it clear that they can speak to you if something goes awry online. Attempt not to get overreacting if your child mentions something unpleasant that happens online. Speak it through with them instead, find out how you can help and how you and your child can prevent it from occurring again.

Have an on-going discussion on web security and consider drafting a familial arrangement that clearly defines your expectation for safer and smarter web use, see Before my child can pose, how can I make him think? Describe how everything your child puts online about itself creates its online call - and that it can be good or poor according to the contents.

Are you suggesting that your child review his or her online reputations - are they satisfied? Recall your child that anything they publish online in public could remain there forever, and that once they put pictures and commentaries online, they have no longer much influence over the contents or their use.

Give this top tip: If they would not divide the information in reality, they should not divide it online. Whats data protection setting? Data protection preferences allow users to manage with whom they exchange information via online and offline channels. Much of the information about data protection preferences is long and complicated, and movie footage is not always captioned, so your child can easily follow the directions without your help.

Take a seat with your child and check his or her data protection preferences - make sure he or she knows how much information he or she is giving you about themselves. Are there any specific software to keep my child online safely and intelligently? What can I do to prevent my child from being too confident online? Warns your child that not everything or everyone online is trustworthy.

Energize them to scrutinize people's motivations and put into doubt the concept of online friend. Warn your child about the fact that posting a stranger as a supporter/friend on online community can give them easy acces to all the personally identifiable information they have published in their online profile. Trying to watch online video together to amplify the messages, many can be found on YouTube at

What can I do to ensure that the toys, applications, and Web pages my child uses are secure and appropriate? It is important to know that some applications, gaming and web pages have rating systems, e.g. most online community pages have a 13 year old or older rating, both of which provide information about the rating and security capabilities of favorite applications, gaming and webpages.

I have a child who's been haunted by a lot of bullying. When your child has said that he or she is being harassed online, assure him or her that he or she has done the right thing by saying that he or she has done the right thing and that together you can do something about it. Remember that if you think your child is a victim of bullying, remember that he or she does not have to endure silent suffering.

You and your child can take handy action to help the situation: take screenshots* and store any proof of unpleasant news. Ensure that your child knows how to lock, notify or erase contact that interferes. Many sites have their own reports which can be covered by reports of bullying, see

What can I do to raise my child's security concern? When you have doubts about your child's online security, it is important that you know to whom you can refer them. For complete information on Childnet, visit , including: how to post inadequate, harmful or hateful contents,

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