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We use cookies on this website to improve your shopping experience. About some of the applications and websites that your child may use. The KidStart Shopping Ideas program will help turn families' daily shopping into child savings:

"KidStart began using me 2 week ago and I've already £20 off. I get the best offers, but I also really like doing something good for my kids" New member Debbie saves for James and Charlotte. "Michelle and David have already cut 625 for Grace and Harry, I do just about all my shopping on-line, if there's free money for my kiddies, if I do, I'm in".

"The KidStart is tied to my children's fiduciary funds/ISAs, which means all my life saving is tax-free. KidStart is no problem for me!" Ian' been saving 550 pounds for Bella and Georgia. KidStart allows you to store your grand parents, your boyfriends and your relatives. Anything that a beloved person purchases through our website will further enhance your children's life saving.

Protection of kids

Whether you are a parent or relative, teacher or other adult in charge of children's security, we want our child (s) and those we care for to be wholesome and fortunate... and to grow both physical and mental. But above all, it is also an instinct that we want to make sure that our childrens are safely. Childrens learning through discovery and innate inquisitiveness is part of our work as parent and caregiver to promote this.

But as our kids mature, evolve and experience new things, we need to take more and different action to keep them safe. Our kids must be safe from daily hazards until their comprehension and instinct awaken their inquisitiveness - be it across the street, in and around the house, trying new food or chatting with newcomers.

Pretty soon... go on-line. Your kids may not have detected a computer, smartphone, or tablet yet, unless they just press the keys! As an alternative, they can already be used to use certain reputable sites and applications or - if they are older - to use community sites.

Until they are even older, they will probably already be "online veterans" who are well versed in the web, applications, games, downloads and networks. Therefore, we need a moderate attitude to keep our kids secure when they are out there. Up until recently, most households had a home computer on which they could securely launch their kids onto the web, keep track of what they were doing, and establish some kind of surveillance and oversight using the parenting application.

As kids began to get their own computer to do their homework and play games, it became harder to work with them to make sure that they visit appropriate sites and do not talk to strangers on-line in the privacy of their bedroom. In the era of smart phones and tables - effective and everywhere - most adults see it as a true test not only to train their kids to do the right thing, but also to supervise and manage their on-line behavior.

Neither of us - no matter what ages - is immune to issues on the web, as a look at this website or the everyday messages will show. Surely our kids are in a fragile state of their life.... of course more trustworthy than grown-ups and hopefully less subjected to the dark side of the web.

Improper contact: from persons who want to misuse, explode or tyrannize them. Improper behaviour: because of one's own and others' on-line behaviours, such as the type of information they publish, e.g. on web-sites. Unfortunately, kids can also become cyber bullies, especially when others encourage them. Everybody sometimes needs help.... and this is especially the case for a parent trying to take care of his or her children's security on-line.

We' ve created some easy check lists to help you keep your children secure on-line by ages. Please click on the child's height to learn more: Click the Reporting below for information, guidance and to directly raise concern with the Child Exploitation and On-line Protection Centre (CEOP).

The CEOP is a National Crime Agency commando unit devoted to combating the sex assault and sexually exploiting of minors. The CEOP is here to help youngsters ( up to 18 years) who have been coerced or deceived into participating in sex activities with someone on-line or in the physical environment.

IWF is the UK's hotline for anyone wishing to submit child sex abusers and non-photographic child sex abusers pictures on-line and anonymous. The IMF is working to make the world wide web more secure. Help child sexually abused children around the world by helping them identify and remove on-line pictures and video from their use.

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