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Different care possibilities - styles

WHAT TO FIND A GOOD CHILDCARE? If you have to go back to work after your mother's holiday or go out for a few short or long periods, you don't know who to trust with your baby? In case the families or relations are not available, here you will find an overview of existing and new available service to keep you on your toes!

Kindergarten or crèche, children's home, day care center, etc. There are many ways of looking after your toddler outside the home. Timetables and tariffs can help you make your selection in supplement to the seats available. They can only be opened now after a request for a commendation or operating permit has been received from the Chairman of the Department, whose decisions also depends on the commendations of the PMI.

Everything from the direction to the child support is provided by experts of the early infancy (educator, child carer, child carer, child carer, etc.). You will be in charge of their support, food, early study and so on. There are five devoted persons to each child who cannot yet go, or eight who can already go.

Facilities comply with both security and early childhood education requirements. Pricing depends on your income, but you may be entitled to receive funding from the CAF. In addition, opening times are not always adapted to business circumstances. Maybe you need one with a nanny or a baby sitter to help.

On the other side, registrated nannies welcome your baby in their own home. It is also empowered to act through the Chairman of the Division Board and the Mother and child Welfare Service (PMI) who have made their recommendations. It welcomes up to three kids and takes good care of them, providing supervision, food, early study and play.

They must jointly accept the terms (times, number of lessons per weeks, etc.), specify them in an agreement and arrange the pay. Therefore, the framework is more of a coccooning space that does not stop your baby from making new friends with other young children and to develop his or her own interpersonal abilities.

Combining a community kindergarten with a kindergarten will give you... the familiy kindergarten! Her baby is in the custody of the day mother at home. However, once or twice a year they go to kindergarten and stay a few days with other kids to divide the time. This instalment also varies depending on your personal incomes and is directly payable to the day crib.

What about the Maison d'Assistantes Maternelles? In the program: facilities that fulfill all requirements for the security and good condition of the baby. Up to four day care mothers are assembled, who are themselves in charge of up to four offspring. Rather than having your baby at home, you will be cared for at a designated place with other co-workers.

Another mother can look after your baby for a few extra days or even a single night if your baby suffers a relapse or is ill. Her kid's meeting more kids, too. Working terms are the same as for a mother at home. Opening times are comparable to those of a kindergarten.

It' just fine if you need a few free lessons, it's not a full-time childcare system. If you book something in ahead, you can put your baby in the good hand of early learning experts. You' ll have to take diapers and maybe some food. Whether privately or publicly, their hourly rate still varies depending on your earnings, but is much cheaper than a day care center!

At the end one last addition: Kollektiv- oder Familienkindergarten + Kindertagesstätte = Multi-reception kindergarten! If you are looking for a flexible way to adjust to a changing lifestyle, this type of arrangement, which can place your baby full-time, part-time or on occasion, is another interesting one. The common childcare is that the kids from two different backgrounds are looked after by the same nano.

It can be in your house, in the other parents' house, or alternately every two weeks. Nannies take care of children's welfare, nutrition, sanitation and security, as well as playing toys and doing early schooling. However, the individual you hire is not necessarily an early adopter, although he or she may already have an entire resume with similar experience.

A further advantage: The content of the nano is reduced by half because it is distributed among the two different groups. Every familiy concludes its own agreement about childcare places, salaries, number of lessons, timetables, task lists, vacation pay, etc. Ideally, every agreement should be concluded on the same basis!

That means that an advance consensus must at least be reached on the organization, administration of the diaper and food inventory, the educational policies to be adopted, etc. Would you like your own exlusive nano? They can choose this option without joint childcare. You will be responsible for all your expenditures and your pay, but on the other hand you only have to have an arrangement with the nanny.

It' s simple: for a certain number of lessons of childcare per weeks (30 lessons) with a whole free night, two childcare nights per weeks, a room, a meal and a small allowance (between 264 and 316.80 euros per month), he will take good care of your kids and various housework.

Finally, the babysitter will be the answer to free you for a few working days a week if the daycare or nurse's schedule doesn't keep up with your work schedule or give you a free night to go out with a beloved person or meet your mates.

You may be a young child or a neighbor, but you often make special contact with your baby.

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