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While I am there, I want to stock up on children's clothes, but I don't have much time to look around. High-quality children's clothing for girls and boys alike This is the award-winning children's UNIX stamp. The clothes and accessoires of our children are classy, handy, colourful, durable and conceived to be carried by both young and old. If you enter your e-mail above, you are confirming that you wish to be reached by e-mail. Please see our Data Protection Statement for more information about our data protection practice.

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The Oxygen Accelerator is the UK's most recent landmark coaching program, and we already covered the 9 new start-ups that will come out of the 13-week program in early December. Bertie and Bean were one of the start-ups that we described as such in our synopsis: This follows a peer-to-peer "upcycling" style based on the idea that small children are growing very fast and need new clothes every 3-6 month, which can be very costly.

Bertie and Bean will charge you "per bag" of clothing, which is a £15 surcharge. James Tabor, co-founder of the firm, introduced Oxygen Accelerator near London Bridge last week at the Oxygen Accelerator meeting, explaining to London Bridge investor where they come from with Bertie and Bean and where they want to go.

What gave James the original Bertie and Bean notion? So... how exactly do Bertie and Bean work? Smiths and Joneses. Excavating a pile of clothing, creating a list and then deciding that they themselves want a pocket of clothing to substitute those whose children have grown up.

The Joneses would in that case be paying a £15 lump sum, and the Smiths would mail them a pocket of clothing. If the Smiths happen to want a pile of Joneses' dresses. It is important to remember that the families that sent the clothing do not sell it. Funds cover logistic, messenger charges, philanthropy (£1 from each £15 bag) and of course Bertie & Bean take their share.

It' s about helping the eco-system - you buy 15 for two pockets of baby/child clothing and forward them when you no longer need them. Don't forget - to broadcast, you don't charge anything. Her research revealed that they were worried that they might get torn or spotted clothing if it was described as in flawless state.

Founder went into Oxygen Accelerator in search of 200,000 to help set up his web application...have they already made it? Since Bertie and Bean are not even coming onto the market yet, it may seem a little out of place to look too far into the distant past. You are also talking to the National Childcare Trust (NCT) to help them monetarise the clothing that is abandoned at the end of their almost new sale.

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