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Much has been written about the art of dressing like a Frenchwoman who is seemingly insignificant, unobtrusive and unobtrusive. Children in Paris wear a Gucci dress with a Levi's denim jacket."...

. Put on imaginative children's costumes. These rules apply to children in any case.

to dress your kid like a little Parisian.

Much has been said about the arts of being dressed like a Frenchwoman who is apparently insignificant, unobtrusive and unobtrusive. Have you ever noticed how skilfully Parisian ladies dress their children, who always look perfect but never exaggerated? There have been book writings about how and why children in France behave so much better than our own, but the theme of their flawless styles has seldom been addressed.

Whilst you rarely see a Gallic infant clothed as an adult, their appearance is the prolongation of their fancy mother. "Our tendency is to try to evade clothing with apparent logo or dress traditional girl in rose and boy in blue," said Nathalie Genty, creator of, an on-line children's clothing shop that sells a blend of high-end and high-end labels.

Her children range from three to 14 years old, so she knows a lot about the challenge of making them look classy and neat. Here Genty is offering her guidelines to dress your children like Parisiennes minis. "Not just fashions, not just fashions, children in France are following their mothers. They mix brand names to reflect their own personal styles and dress in clothing that suits them".

There is a female dress for women - for example a Gucci or ChloƩ dress print with a couple of Converse. Tandy works for the guys, such as a Bonpoint or Paul Smith wetsuit (very 1950s) with a couple of Adidas Stan Smith coaches.

Historic costumes for children

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