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There is also a convenient online store: All Kids - New - Girls - Boys - Dresses & Skirts - Tops - Pants - Shorts - Knitwear - Accessories. The online shopping experience of the OU lives up to this expectation. Purchase online - Find a shop - Connect - Select a location.

Technical sportswear for men, women and children. Learn more about our sports uniforms and accessories, which you can buy in our online shop!

Buy a tray or laptops for your kid

How about an e-book reader? What about an e-book reader? When you don't have the feeling that your kid needs the convenience of a tray, but wants to give him a tray to read and learn, an e-book read looks like a tray, but is different from a technical point of view. It is like a digitized product specially developed for download and read.

Your e-paper monitors are not illuminated like trays, monitors or televisions, which protects your eye for long time. Amazon Kindle's line of products are the best-known eBook reader, with eBooks available at the Kindle Store, while Nook and Kobo also have their own stores and equipment.

As in a bookshop with genuine textbooks, however, there are no ages for e-books. As a result, some sophisticated contents are available, but it is possible that before downloading the Kindle Store a passphrase must be typed as an additional level of childlock. Talk to your kids about what kind of reading they want, or for small kids, concentrate on the KindereBooks section.

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New eBay store opened! In our eBay store you will find a selection of Buy It Now and five-, seven- and ten-day auctions. Every item offered for purchase in EVERY eBay store has been courtesy given to EVERYONE for retailing, and every purchase helps us to keep looking after and supporting kids, teenagers and their relatives who live in life-threatening circumstances in Cambridgeshire, Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk.

Please find ANY store near you or call our Einzelhandelsvertriebszentrum if you would like to make a donation to our stores.

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