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kid's shoes

Light, funny and cheerful children's shoes, sandals and sneakers. Kids styles full of personality, perfect for your little monsters! Choose some of our beautiful girls shoes, boys shoes and baby leather shoes. The measurement is only a guide and it is important that as soon as your children's shoes arrive, you check the correct fit by following our step-by-step instructions.

Which could be more important than to wear shoes that are sturdy and easy to walk on?

Which could be more important than to wear shoes that are sturdy and easy to walk on? You can find all the big players in children's shoes in our shop. Children's trainer of vans and vans sitting next to the latest Golden Goose and Veja shoes, Start Rite Derby shoes, Pom D'Api bootees and Pèpè dance shoes.

Shoes! And who doesn't recall the lessons in shoe stores to find the right couple to start with? You will find a whole range of ageless boys' shoes in our range. Here you will also find the latest children's design coaches, chosen from the most prestigious brand names such as Veja, Vans and Adidas.


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Verify the correct fitting of your children's shoes.

The measurement is only a guideline and therefore it is important that you inspect your child's shoes after arrival by following our step-by-step instructions or watch our Watch the Ready movie. Verify the fitting with our videos and videos. Hernengriff - While your baby is seated, raise one leg and grasp the ankles with one of your hands and grasp the heels of the shoes with the other one.

Lightly lower the boot a few turns to make sure it grips the back of the foot well. First of the shoes - Ask your kid to get up. Touch with your finger around the top of the boot and make sure there are no spaces, especially between the boot and the heel. Make sure there are no spaces between the boot and the toes.

Longitude - Sense the top of each boot for the end of your child's longest toes.

Press lightly to ensure that the toes do not press against the end of the boot. Each of our shoes has a built-in growth room; you should be able to sense the growth room with your finger. Breadth - Felt your hands along each side of the boot, you should experience no compression or arching on the sides, and the broadest part of the boot should be in the broadest part of the boot.

Deep - Wipe your crotch over the top of the boot, you should sense how the skin moves with a flat wave effect. When there is no motion at all, the boot is too small, when you can press the hide into a burr, the boot is too broad. Deep - Use a low boot to place a pinky under the top.

Go - Ask your baby to go in his shoes. Shoes must not slide from the ankle and there must be no excess gap at the sides.

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