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The Play Up's online store offers a high-quality collection of clothes for children: T-shirts, polo shirts, shirts, sweaters, hoodies, shorts, Bermuda shorts, trousers, outdoor coats and jackets. boyo kids clothes girl's handmade dresses Hello and welcome to yooyo! Everything created and custom made by Helen V Fox. Yeahoyo is an up-and-coming UK children's apparel company offering retro-inspired, high value and custom made clothing. Without excitement and ruffles, Xoyo uses plain outlines to give you something eternal, unique and very portable!

With funny, flippy, colorful materials boyo provides something you won't find on the high streets.

Most of the fabric is purchased from Great Britain, but also from abroad, in order to keep the trademark yellow as selectively as possible and to distinguish it from the masses. Do you like personality, good value for your investment and good value for your investment then you' ve come to the right place! Would you like to know what yeoyo has in mind, what turnover and what upcoming event will be?

The next big thing from Luxury: children's clothing

While some may say that children are raising far too quickly today, for seasoned fashions firms this is a displacement that can be turned into increased revenue. Cooperation with giant retailer like Disney has long smoothed the way for many clothing stores, among them Dior, one of the first deluxe stores to introduce its own children's clothing line to the market, resulting in an increase in children's clothing. ý For the 10-second time.

Kids apparel is currently experiencing rapid growth, spurred by rising demands for small version models of adults clothing such as active apparel and underwear. Never before has mini-my clothing been as hot as it is today, according to new figures from the retailing analysis company Edited, as children become increasingly sensitive to clothing at a young age and take their own decisions about it.

"Childrens fashions are becoming more and more grown-up fashions. "Nowadays, a parent wants his or her kids to look more ripe and cooler. "A number of deluxe retail stores have quickly responded to the Mini Me trends and launched ranges that are very similar to their women's or men's ranges. Others, such as the Balmain brand, have focused on the creation of children's imagery such as Kim Kardashian West's North, as a springboard for their own line.

At the beginning of the year, Olivier Rousteing, already creatively in charge of the store, already heralded the introduction of the first children's clothing line in his Instagram private accounts, which includes many of the points of contact between women's and men's fashions. Currently, however, Burberry, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Fendi and Moncler are still the most popular luxurious children's clothing labels.

By 2015, the children's clothing sector was estimated at 5.8 billion, according to Euromonitor, a sector capable of offering significant profits to merchants able to sail its seas. The children's clothing retail sector of the 20 biggest children's clothing stores has grown by 2 per cent in the last three month (15 April to 15 July 2016) compared to the same quarter in 2015, according toED.

However, this abrupt rise in children's clothing has not occured in complete isolation. What is more, the children's clothing is not completely isolated. Indeed, it has resulted in an rise in EDITED children's clothing averages. In the last three month the UK children's clothing industry has seen its annual mean retail cost rise by 28%. In the same time frame, 6 per cent in 2015 to reach 49 lbs, with the mean cost of a child's shoe being 51 lbs and the mean cost of a T-shirt 26 lbs.

However, the mean prices of these articles for deluxe boutiques are more than twice the current industry standard, with an mean of 131 lbs for a set of luxurious children's clothing footwear and a luxurious T-shirt of 60 lbs. A further major trendy item for children's and adults' fashions continues to be activity wear.

Active children's apparel, which comprises imprinted leggings, theme pullovers andneakers, has recorded a 27 per cent rise in new entries in the USA and the UK in the last three month compared with the same prior-year quarter. This compares to an 20 per cent rise in the number of new additions to active wear for adults over the same reporting year.

Moreover, children's bloomers have increased by 263 per cent, more than double the 93 per cent increase in adults' lineages over the same period. Others, such as cold-shoulder-topping and clothing, have also experienced tremendous increases; children's clothing rose by 120 per cent, following the leadership of adults by 237 per cent.

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