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Wooden toys for children

Are you looking for the best selection of wooden toys in the UK? High-quality and childproof. Hrvatsko Zagorje - wooden toys for kids - immaterial inheritance - cultural sector

On the way to the Blessed Mother's Sanctuary of Our Lady of Snow in Marija Bistrica in Hrvatsko Zagorje in North Croatia, the village inhabitants invented a technology for the production of children's wooden toys, which has been passed down from generation to generation. Men in a familiy take local woods such as wicker, linden, beech as well as Maple from the local area and try to cure, chop, cut using conventional methods; men then put on environmentally sound colours in improvised flower or geometrical designs and draw "out of the imagination".

Today's pipes, horse power, automobiles, miniscule pieces of furnishings, spinners, jumpers, and percussion instruments are almost the same as those made more than a hundred years ago - although no toy is exactly the same thanks to the craftsmanship involved. This toy is loved by local people and visitors alike and is on sale at local church shows, marketplaces and specialist stores around the year.

As time has passed, they have developed, and alongside traditionally shaped forms such as horse and carriage, new ones have emerged that represent automobiles, lorries, planes and trains, and reflect the contemporary child population. Minute toys that are meticulously pitched during their manufacture are still important elements in the training of young musicians in the countryside.

Children wooden toys - wooden toy hut

Our goal at the Wooden Toys Hut is to provide British homes with the best possible choice of hand-picked, beautiful wooden toys. Wooden toys are not only more environmentally friendly, they also don't just go out of your home, which is reminiscent of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. In selecting toys, we take particular account of the effects on the enviroment during manufacture.

All our toys are selected with care from award-winning manufacturers such as Janod, Pintoy, Le Toy Van, Orange Tree, Hape and Tidlo. We have a broad assortment of classic toys such as train sets, locks, canteens, cuisines, garage doors and dollhouses for children from 3 years of age as well as many early toys for younger people.

Our list can be found in the UK Catalogue of Shop Tools, which will help advertise a broad selection of UK independant Toyshops.

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