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Lewis John Toys - Best Top 10 Christmas Toys 2018 Chrismas would not be the same without an array of toys that little ones can indulge in on this magic feast of days. However, which toys will be the most loved this Christmas time? Lewis has released his top 10 Christmas 2018 toys forecasts and toys that get little ones going and get them to love nature are at the top of the game.

This year, according to the supermarket, there will be a high level of parental interest in toys such as the augmented reality nerf laser, rollers and i-top crackers. Several of the other most coveted presents this December are likely to be the Furreal Buzz Pet Ricky The Trick Lovin' Pup', which reacts to over 100 movements and noises, LEGO's DUPLO Cargo Train, the Mini Waitrose Supermarket, the John Lewis Play Kitchen, GraviTrax - the new STAR rail system - and the Tech Will Safe Us Coder Kit.

John Lewis toys shopper Harry Boughton said: "We see a rising need for toys that inspire youngsters to get involved, whether it's a roller coaster to go to college or a nerf laser day in the orchard. We are told by our mothers that they want to buy toys that encourages their babies to devote less attention to looking at a monitor and spending more attention on toys that get them going.

My prediction is that the pocket-size i-Top will be the most beloved this year. It is an e-version of the classical gyro and shows the number of turns so that the player can keep an eye on their results. The toys will be available in stores from autumn 2018 and on-line at John Lewis.

After all, one of the most beloved choices for writing Santa is always going to be our old letter, and this year we are expecting the new DUPLO freight and Bugatti Chiron to be in great demand among adults and youngsters alike," continues Boughton. For those who want to make a present that connects enjoyment with study, we think that the latest technology from Step Technology, the GraviTrax coding kit or rail system that brings magnetism and gravitation to infants, will be particularly appreciated.

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