Classic Baby Clothes

Traditional baby clothes

Classic long sleeve shirt for boys made of soft cotton. It has a classic collar and button closure in light blue and bordeaux check print. The Baby Collection combines an elegant selection of classic pieces that are essential for your child's wardrobe.

We know how important it is to keep your little one out of the heat of the summers.

We know how important it is to keep your little one out of the heat of the summers. That is why we have a selection of baby baseball caps in black, light grey, light brown and dark brown for youngsters. To our equipment belong also jackets and sweaters for kids. Our products consist of sweaters for kids and sweaters for kids.

Classic Kashmir cards for little ladies.

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Genuine bouquets of baby clothes from Great Britain. A new baby flower with a contemporary touch. This is a nice and handy present to greet your baby. Another arriving, looking for a new baby present! For a long way, bouquets have been a festive present to welcome a new baby. Dispatching new babyflowers to a new mother and father is an old custom of greeting new families for their particular new beginning.

You can now share your loves and greetings with them with an unconventional turn to the classic baby bunch by mailing a present that will combine the beautiful floral design with handy baby clothes objects - the bunch of baby clothes is born! Now! New baby presents revolutionized! You will not be tickling a sensitive baby's neonate's nose or anyone else who is suffering from allergic to pollens, and you will still be flowering long after the withering of the plants.

Wear our baby clothes bunches wonderfully packaged in neophane in our characteristic flower stork present carton. Supplied the very next morning, these breathtaking new baby presents really have this wow element that will long be memorable by a proud new mother and a new father. If you are looking for a baby present, a baby present or even a twin present, there is something for every price in our assortment.

In addition to the baby clothing assortment, there is a choice of meticulously selected promotional items, such as new maternal presents, new father presents and not to forget new brother and sister presents. If you are looking for a parting present from your mother on your mother's holiday or a baby bath present where the baby's gender is still a little bit of a surprise, our new baby bunches are also available in classic white.

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