Clearance Baby Bottles

Distance baby bottles

Sale - Babymoov Distance There are 13 items. Infant moistener with built-in hydrometer and thermostat to adjust optimum air moisture and body temperatures. First 2-in-1 autoclave to turn into a tumble dryer! Turbo steriliser has a large storage volume and cleans up to 6 bottles simultaneously. Thanks to the patented centre design and the rotating rods, special vapour outlets are used to completely sterilise the whole interior and exterior of the bottles.

Antislip bathtub and walk-in bathtub template to prevent drops and indicate temperatures. Featuring a temp indicator that indicates when the baby's baby's water is too warm, this non-slip bathmat has more than 100 suckers for added strength. A box with 100 diaper changing cases, perfect for on the go. Sure, reliable and hygenic - the perfect fit to help your little ones get used to the bathroom.

It is the perfect solution for the sterilization of baby bottles and baby equipment. The large capacity allows you to sterilise up to 6 bottles and attachments at once! Inexpensive, state-of-the-art baby music. Simple Care is a convenient baby screen with a 300m reach, 2 channel and speech activator.

Its low radiation output lowers the amount of electro-magnetic wave the baby is subjected to and makes it one of the most secure displays on the screen. This diaper change that looks like a genuine purse! Since mothers can also be fashionable, Babymoov has designed the first diaper change that looks like a genuine purse.

Ideally as a travelling or clinic pocket Babymoov has the largest selection of fashionable shoulder bags made! Hold the baby still and relax Starlight calms the baby before going to bed with its portable music feature, with 3 tunes and 1 heart beat sound. This glitter pouch looks like a fancy pouch from the outside, but offers everything a mother needs: the must-have accessory and the shelves.

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