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Nestlé has increased turnover in baby formulas, the Botswana Criminal Court is accusing Botswana of aggressively selling the product, while Tesco is placing the "excess protein" formulation on sale in violation of UK legislation.

Today Nestle started its latest full year results and recorded 4.2% full year organically, as follows: "Babies' starter food, as well as baby food containing baby food for baby food production, has brought good growth". These growths come from systemic breaches of baby dairy market regulations adopted by the WHO, such as the International Baby Food Action Network (IBFAN), which oversees corporate guidelines and practice worldwide.

In the same weeks, the Botswana Gazette said the Botswana authorities were pressing lawsuits against Nestle for violating domestic commercial laws against healthcare professionals. Nestle says that infants currently being promoted with the drug have "excess demand absorption " of proteins. Below is a Nestle e-mail that has been sent to healthcare professionals.

Nestlé alleges that its SMA PRO baby food has a "protein profil nearer to mother's milk". They do not apologise for the fact that the former products were similar to mother's blood - they just repeat the same policy. Nestle's recent lancet breastfeeding series relates to new findings about mother's breastfeed - such as its involvement in genetic fingerprinting - so it can be assumed that Nestle will use its policy of bringing "new improved" formulae "closer to mother's milk" to market over the next few years ( "closer to mother's milk") (Nestle is currently making significant investments in epigenetic research).

At Tesco, we attempt to clean up our stock of Nestle SMA baby formulas with point-of-sale actions that contravene our Baby Food and Follow-on Formulas Regulations (2007). It is stated in Section 23 that there should be no specific disbursements, discounts or'any other promotion to initiate the sale of baby formula'.

Above, Nestle SMA baby food reduces to clear in Tesco Dover, February 18, 2016). Below, Nestle SMA "Extra Hungry" baby breastfeeding ( with a insignificant commercial name ) is advertised on February 15th in Tesco Dingwall and Tesco Winchester. It appears in some instances that baby formulae may have been placed in clearance segments without lowering the prices, so the campaign is also deceptive for consumers who will realise that they are getting a rebate.

Sainsbury's also discounts Nestle's SMA baby food to reduce inventory. On February 15, Tesco also used labels on the SMA baby food from Nestle in High Wycombe. Visit the Baby Feeding Law Group website to learn how to submit reports of trading standard breaches. It is prohibited by internationally agreed minima to promote all substitute products for breast milk, up to and beyond the stage of follow-on milk and so-called 'reconstitution milk'.

The present United Kingdom rules, however, only ban advertising of baby foods, although they contain rules aimed at preventing counter advertising by similar marks and identifications used on other products. The nest label for SMA baby food, follow-on formulae and so-called reconstitution milk are almost the same, as can be seen above.

Ministry of Health guides indicate how this should be understood, which includes the obligation that the word "infant milk" or "follow-on milk" should be at least as large as the trade name, which is clearly not the case. Emblem of the hearts and stylized use of nursing mom Nestle fall into this inscription.

An example on the right shows that SMA was advertised as "healthiest nutrients" in a Tesco 2009 paper - Tesco apologized but did not distance the paper, and trade standards did not impose penalties. The SMA baby food was supported by Tesco as part of a pricing reduction in 2011 (bottom left) and 2015 (bottom right).

Formulas are strongly encouraged by advertisements and targeted advertisements for healthcare professionals and parenting in violation of the costs associated with the formula's use. Nestle, the biggest enterprise (controlling about 29% of the world's baby dairy market), is also the goal of the Nestle ban, which will force some changes in Nestle's own guidelines and practice.

At present, members of the Council can endorse the nestle ban and at the same time comply with best value rules. The conduct of such polls fulfils one element of the Global Strategy. Nestle's SMA baby food has also been resized from 900g to 800g on the above website, but the cost the same.

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