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Join your Maker Handmade Gallery and Gifts: They can find just about anything from art prints, beard oils and soaps to baby clothes and cards. Established by parents, we use our experience to design Clever Baby Products to make the lives of modern parents easier Free P & P Available.

Smart store! - Reviews of Meet Your Maker Handmade Gallery and Gifts, Stratford, Ontario

It was by far the most singular. The place is very well maintained with a very large selection of hand-made objects and works of crafts. It would be the ideal place to get a present for a boyfriend who has everything as you are sure to find something special. There is a large selection of goods on offer and they often switch arts, which means you can go there several visits.

Yes, in 2018 we will concentrate even more on limiting editions of great stuff and great work. It is an excellent room full of enthusiasm for fine culture and a profound social vibes, not only with the owner, but also with the people they work with, performers and creators in equal measure!

It is my strong recommendation that you take the opportunity to discover this wonderful and singular place! They can find just about anything from fine arts printing, moustache oil and soap to baby clothing and maps. When I bought a sweet baby showers ticket, everything else I was interested in was really high. Most of the articles are handcrafted and probably earn the prize; it's just that most of the articles are a little out of my unfortunate household budgets.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind place with the best from such a varied range of truly great crafts! Rob and Leigh have a great love for what they want to achieve with this one of a kind shop. I' ve been to the shop several places since it opened, and every time there's something new to put a big grin on my face!

Can' t wait to see what the bright lights of the shop will be like in the near term. Happy birthday to such a good launch in this new shop in Stratford, Ontario! By 2018, we want to focus even more on limiting editions of great gifts and artwork, so what's here today may not be here again today!

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