Cloth Baby Girl

Fabric Baby Girl

Explore our fabulous selection of cute clothing for girls and toddlers on the H&M, with a range of comfortable, practical options in vibrant prints and fun. Bio clothing (by brand) - Yes Bebe The story began with a young woman who wanted to wear her new little baby girl in distinctive designs, smooth organics and playful attire. Alba has grown as a trademark. is a small British company that produces luxurious clothes for men and women between the ages of 0-6 years.

Specialized in baby leggings, bed linen and shoes.

Her clothes are all garments that can be maschine washed. Ensuring that your little one is always playable in the most durable clothes is the emphasis of this label.... JNY was established in 2005 and was inspired by the beauty of the environment and the need for bio clothes and creates the long-standing label it is today.

JNY is the right label with a brillant ethic and even better functional print to ensure that your little one can have a great holiday while keeping a sense of corporate citizenship. It is an organically grown apparel label from Great Britain. Her clothes range from 0-11 years and are made of smooth, high grade, certificated biological fabrics.

You feel committed to the enviroment and ethics and are GOTS (Global organic textiles standard) GOTS certificated by the Soil Association, the premier textiles standards for biological fibers. The Little Green Radicals was designed with a love of trading fairly and a willful taste for humor. They have since been awarded for their fine and ethic clothes and have added an biological skin care line.

The Little Green Sheep started its operations with the development of the first certificated bio-sheep in the UK. Producing high-quality, naturally bed linen for babies from straightforward and genuine fabrics in an ethically responsible manner. This is a trademark that we all know and like. Everything at Riccalilly revolves around ethically, fairly traded, biologically and attractively styled clothes for children.

The Slugs & Snails range offers unconventional, gender-neutral design that offers great value for price and an alternate apparel style; a garment that can be divided between brothers and sisters and handed down to them... an outstanding apparel recycling style! Your children's clothes are courageous, lasting, ageless and of high value. Your clothes are designed for a long service life and should be handed down from age to age.

We' re a badge on the kids' side.

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