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Twenty-five intriguing things you didn't know about Azerbaijan.

Today Baku hosts its first Grand Prix of Azerbaijan (last year's event in the town was known as the European Grand Prix). The Kutabi - double cakes - are virtually the main course in Azerbaijan. Stuff them with squash, vegetables, meats or just spices, turn them over and roast them on a grill.

Azerbaijan' s cantaloupe cakes are exclusively hearty. Archeologists have found archaeological instruments and remnants that date back to the 1st century in the bottom parts of the Azokh cavern in West Azerbaijan. To the west of Azerbaijan you can go across the frontier to Nagorno-Karabakh, a self-declared autonomic area. Known for its ease of movement, agility and stamina, the Qarabakh equine is the domestic creature of Azerbaijan.

Horse meat was once widely consumed in Azerbaijan, but now it has been disgraced; instead, meat from sheep and goats are on the menus. It is about the proportions of neighboring Armenia and Georgia, but is overshadowed by Turkey, Iran and Russia, with which it divides frontiers. Azerbaijan, with 86,600 kmĀ², is about four fold as big as Wales.

In 2013 it generated 29 billion cbm of the country' oil. Their volcanos burst out, the flame shoots up to one kilometer into the sky, and when they rest, they gush and bang with harmful gasses. Azerbaijan' s Carpet Museum was opened in 2014 on the coast of Baku, in a huge rolling carpet-shaped shed.

Azerbaijan' s capitol is often compared to Dubai because of its strange design and its craving for golden. Among the architectonic landmarks are the winding Heydar Aliyev Center created by Zaha Hadid, the mirror-like SOCAR Tower and the Flame Tower's high-rises, which display Azerbaijan's petroleum and natural resources. It is also home to Little Venice, an artificial navigable route that runs between stores, bars, restaurants und recreational facilities.

Baku's 2015 European Games banned the participation of investigative reporters and activists.

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