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Get a little bit of rest

When our youngest daugther Martha was nine month old, we went to our first party. Lots of our boyfriends thought we were insane to go to festival with a baby, but we all liked it. With this new baby gloom in which it seems like your own lifetime has disappeared and you only exists to meet the needs of your beautiful little boy, celebrations are a great opportunity to enjoy a few valuable few weeks and some funny adult things.

On the way with your baby. As soon as you have made your first big feast, next year isn't nearly as discouraging, so why waiting until they're older? Now that I've done auditions with children between nine month and six years, I think baby is the simplest. Now you can go to any kind of event!

That'?s the great thing about taking a little baby to a festivals. You don't need any special activity with a baby, everything you want to do also offers a whole range of multisensory stimuli for the youngest visitors to the event. Music, light, scents and costs - I am reminded of the diversity of the food here and not of the toilets!

Things will be new and intriguing for a baby, not least the new faces to make you laugh about. So if you are worried about the whole festival/baby combination, go to a festivals near home or even better near a willing grand parent. To know that you have a simple getaway schedule could be comforting and you could even let the baby stay with grandma while you build the camps.

Today, many festivities provide an abundance of baby amenities from a small feeding and changing marquee to luxurious amenities with swing seats, microwave ovens, bathrooms and baby massages. Isn' that always the big problem with infants? However, finding some rest with a baby at a celebration might not be as hard as you might like.

A few marquees have shady dormitories to stop the summersun and wake everyone up too early. In fact, Martha fell asleep at this first event later than in her whole nine month career. They really don't want to take a baby asleep in and out of their sleeping bags to fit either layer of clothes, so take a hot stretchable woolen Cardigan that can be put up and down over the top.

When you simply don't have the thought of staying in a baby camping tent, you can hire a motorhome, it's not inexpensive, but it gives you real bedding, lighting and can be simpler to keep cool and dim in the mornings. So we let our children remain up as long as they make it to festival, then they break out in a slingshot or a stroller and can be brought into the marquee when we are done looking at the music.

Small minds need a little bit of processing to come to terms with all these fantastic new experience, and if you're fortunate it means a good deal of sleeping - I can't make any promise, but it worked for us. Lifting belts are usually the best way to get through a baby party, just put in a rucksack for a snack, diapers and a whole bunch of towels and you can (hopefully) dancing the little one to bed.

Unless you just want to use a baby wrap, a pram or stroller can be useful to carry the baby and all the other clothes that come with it. Usually at a festival you need something with big bikes to deal with dirt, hilly terrain and rough terrain. The Ergolife is my favorite, rolled up small enough to go in a rucksack or under a stroller, but it provides the much needed back assistance when you're sitting on the floor.

Feast at a feast may not be the most healthy thing to give to a freshly weaned baby, but it's not just burger andhips. There are many festivities offering a wide variety of interesting dishes internationally as well as vegetable and vegetable choices, so if you're looking for something interesting to eat, it's a great way to bring little nerves of flavour into new tastes.

Fortunately, families campsites usually have a little more room than the general campsite, so you can get something with room for all the baby gear. An ideal place to hide from rains or sunshine while you are on the beach and offer a place to keep your pushchairs or anything else you don't want to have in the beach shelter.

Earmuffs - These can also be used on very young infants so that they can get blissful headlines without affecting their sensitive hears. That' almost all there is to it, so choose your festivals, get your equipment and begin to dream of summers when you will dance in the evening sun with the new little romance of your time.

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