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Coole baby gifts

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Best 11 Baby Gifts for New Babies

Whether it's a toy that teaches, equipment that tracks a child's healthy progress, or pushchairs and accessoires that make parenting more tolerable, we've gathered the best purchases for babies. Browse through the galleries above to see the best gifts for you! More or less egg-shaped, this infant carrier has a distinctive inner workings to make sure the baby has a first rate travelling adventure.

Plus, with the foldable porch for protection from the sun, the Ei is also a great carrying bag that is actually compliant with certain stroller makes such as Joolz and Baby Jogger if you want to turn it into a pram. You can place this baby guard next to the crib like an additional apple of your eye and see it in lightning-fast high-speed LED resolution whilst you are asleep.

When you take this unit with you on vacation and there is no access to the web, you can easily establish a LAN between the camcorder and your mobile telephone. Snapshots and videoclips can also be taken on your unit, and when the baby wakes up, you can activate one of five sleeping songs to go through the two-way loudspeaker and perhaps put them right back to sleep. What better way to do that?

There is nothing better than crying to lend priority to the job of heating the baby formula, but that won't let the stove warm up more quickly, or the micro-wave will stop the melt of your vials. However, this unit can still cook a 150ml flask shallowly in three minute intervals, stirring the liquid continuously to make sure it is at the correct time.

It goes perfectly with Philips bottles of Avant - well, of course it is - and you can also use it to heat baby formula feeding vials. Baby loves to copy their parent, but instead of making them hit your phone the way you seem to, VTech has developed a similar but more rugged mobile one.

One of our favorite designs is the quick-release strap with the BMW emblem in case the baby has to get out quickly. Featuring a high-performance channel wheel and 15 pre-programmed swim modes, this AquaBot will entertain its public as it moves around its surroundings. Sleepless mom and dad will realize that the juvenile is less likely to scream waking up.

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