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Ideal for keeping bottles warm or cool. Instructions from experts on how to safely freeze food for your baby, defrost and warm it up. Keeping your sleeping baby cool in hot weather. I'm always looking for baby travel paraphernalia.

Freezing Baby Fodder at Home

Mark everything with the name of the product and the date of the freeze. "Freezed compote looks like iced Asparagus soup," warned Jo Travers, a certified dietician, "or the meals end up like Russia's cobbler! Note the date of the freeze so that you know when it needs to be consumed.

" Place your dishes on the top shelves or as high as possible. They help to preserve the structure of the foods, as the top is usually the coolest part of the cabinet and therefore freeze faster. How and why do I use icecube bowls? "Freeze-frozen baby foods in icecube bowls allows you to thaw the small quantities your baby needs when you need them," says Jo Travers, dietician.

Adjustable icecube bowls instead of fixed ones are simpler if you jump out the icecubes. As soon as they are completely freeze, place them all quickly on a very tidy area. When you notice that they are not coming out of the icecube container, let the back of the container run under cool running irrigation.

Put the dice to be stored (while they are still fully frozen) in a labeled poly case and go back to the fridge. For how long can I keep my groceries in the fridge? We have a full board of useful hints on how to freeze baby foods from mothers who do it every workday.

What should I do to thaw my groceries? "When you have freezing foods in icecube dishes, the single dice thaw quite quickly," Jo says. "This can be done in the microwaves when defrosting directly from the fridge, or using the warm watermethod by placing the iced meal in a jar and letting it swim in a bigger dish of warm tapewater - it will take 10-15min.

"Otherwise, thaw the refrigerator, but it can take several and a half years. Do not let your meal thaw out of the refrigerator, as it is easier for germs to develop. "From the point of views of food security, there are few foodstuffs that cannot be kept refrigerated. Heat the meal until it is very warm and let it cool before serve.

Freez boiled foods that contain unfrozen foods (e.g. it is okay to thaw a poultry brisket, use it in a pan and then refrigerate the boiled pan). Only heat as much of your baby as you think he or she will be eating in one go.

Don't just heat the meal, because it doesn't destroy germs. Do not re-freeze uncooked meats or chickens that have already been froze and thawed. Do not heat up your deep-freeze foods more than once (e.g. do not thaw a large charge of mashed potatoes, heat up for your baby's meal and heat up the rest the next day).

Mama' s tip: "I make small home-made lollipops" "I found the Brother Max freezers really practical, as they are all equipped with covers that are pushed together like an icecube container, but you can take out each pan individually if necessary and they have a practical elastic base that jumps out slightly when pressed," says Mama von zweien, ThinkWeiss.

What do I do to make baby foods?

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